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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Colombia - Venezuela Relationships in the Edge of a Rupture


Chavez said today (November 28)
"While Uribe is the President of Colombia, I don't want any relationship with Colombia"

Analysts say relations between Colombia and Venezuela are on its worst time ever. Today Hugo Chavez gave another of his mad speeches, pointing Spain & Colombia Governments, specially the last one. Chavez said;

"Colombian Government doesn't want peace, I'm convinced...
...I have lost total trust on Colombian Government... "I put the relations with that Government in the freezer... ... Uribe has spit me on my face, it is unworthy!... ... Is very serious when a Government lie... ... Uribe lies in a horrible and shameless way... ...Colombia deserves a better President, a worthy one!".

Chavez also alert National Army Forces to be on High Alert, after possibles Colombian (or US) Troops movement. "Now we know of what that President is capable of!" He also said, respecting Spain, he "freeze" the relations with Spain until King Juan Carlos apologizes to him, after the "Why don't you shut up?" incident. Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe Velez immediately respond this attack with a Hard Tone speech:

"...With your insults and your lack of arguments, you hurt the dignity of the own Venezuelan people... President Chavez you want to put on fire the whole continent... ... Your words and your attitude give the impression that you are not interested on Colombian peace, but Colombia to be a victim of a terrorist Government... ... We need mediators with the terrorism, not legitimators of the terrorism... You talk about Imperialism, but your expansionists politics are Imperialism.. ... We ask for help, not for expansionists projects... ... it can be substituted the law, for a personal whim".

He accused Chavez of wanting a Colombia governed by a Terrorist Group (FARC), he also said he received information from Colombian Consul in US, that Colombian Deputy Piedad Córdoba, who assisted Chavez with the meetings with terrorist group FARC in order to released (or at least that was the idea of the whole thing) the prisoners that terrorist group has (including a former Colombian Presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt); was speaking with one of those terrorists (that is in jailed in US for drugs charges), about make a transitory government in Colombia, among other political things.

After President Uribe speech Chavez quickly improvised a TV "show" Interview with his unconditional journalists (including former Vice-President, José Vicente Rangel), where he said he already ordered a "Crisis Meeting" with the rest of Chavez Regime members, he said this will have an impact on economic relations.

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