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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chavez to Give Gulf & Put Hands on Nuclear Power

This is an article from El Universal Newspaper, based on a press meeting Chavez gave, only to International press and the state owned, VTV (Venezolana de Television).

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Thursday told a French TV channel that Venezuela, just like Iran, is launching a peaceful nuclear program.

"We are with Iran, and I do not think Iran is manufacturing atomic bombs," said Chávez. "Iran is developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, I am sure about that. Venezuela is also beginning to develop nuclear energy with peaceful purposes, just like Brazil and Argentina."

The Venezuelan ruler stressed the advantages of nuclear energy to reduce dependence on oil and help alleviate the effects of climate changes.

Chávez was talking about the Iranian nuke program because before flying to Paris he is making a stop in Tehran. The Venezuelan ruler showed confidence in diplomatic solution to the conflict and hoped "the terrible forecasts (US President) George W. Bush has made do not become a reality ever."

Chávez is scheduled to meet in Paris with French President Nicolás Sarkozy to talk about a likely humanitarian swap of hostages held by the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) for FARC fighters in jail. French citizen Ingrid Betancourt is among the hostages.

And I add, about the visit to Sarkozy, we need to remember that in France is jailed the Venezuelan Terrorist Ilich Ramirez "The Jackal", and Chavez could ask President Sarkozy to change Misters Betancourt with this guy who is rumored is family of the actual President of PDVSA, and Oil Minister, Rafael Ramirez.

Giving Part of Venezuela Gulf as a Gift:

According to the Newspaper "La Verdad", The Gulf of Venezuela won't be an exclusivity of the nation, now Colombia could has rights to a part of that maritime territory. Chavez Regime is planning to give about 2100 Kms. of that territory to Colombia, of the total of 27000 Kms the Gulf of Venezuela has. But the gift, not only include the maritime territory, but the oil reserves inside that territory also.

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