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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Videos & Pictures: Chavez supporters shooting at UCV University


(Shocking Pictures & Videos)
(Viewer discretion is advised)

Today, at 3:00pm (GMT-4), after the rally of the students movements to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice that ends pacifically, and the students delivered a petition of postpone the upcoming elections, the students went back to each University. But in the Universidad Central de Venezuela, students were received by a group of Chavez Hordes (because they don't have another name) who started shooting the students inside the Social Working building. AP camera men was on the zone (they were covering the rally) and took the next pictures I will show you. El Universal also covered the news in their website (English). CNN also has the report of Associated Press, click here.

The shirtless guy at the right is serious injured with gun shot

Yesterday, a minor group of students, members from the "Bolivarian Federation of Students", headed buy a guy of name Carlos Sierra, made strong threatens that they will take violent action to help Hugo Chavez. Some persons in Caracas listens a radio address made by a leader of the Chavez Violent Hordes, Lina Ron asking to attack Universities. Few minutes after the first wave of shooting, where the students defended themselves with rocks, and everything they got in their hands, a second group of Chavez Hordes came and start shooting and help their other friends to get them back there. According to Chavez Regime, these group get inside the University in order to post some YES Vote posters (picture below you can see these posters), but what about this guy with his head covered. Shooters are being identified as members of sub-guerrilla group Alexis Vive.

The state owned TV Station VTV, started blaming students of making the violent actions and there are rumour of a possible rule of Chavez Regime to send troops to take control of the Universities.

According to information gathered from some web pages, and TV station sources, there are at least 9 persons injured, and we are waiting to confirm the dead of a student who received a gun shot in his chest (1).

More pictures courtesy of AP and Reuter.

This guy is apparently a PDVSA worker

One of the Motorcycle Shooters of the second wave with a POLICE stamped motorcycle

Minister of People's Power of Interior and Justice Affairs, Pedro Carreño at 8:00pm (GMT-4) gave a public TV & Radio address (obliged to be broadcast by all the TV and Radio stations) where he blame the students for the violent events.

Click Here to check more pictures (Noticias24), more pictures algo in this Human Rights NGO web page.

The next is a video, presented by
Globovision, this was after first wave of shooting, the Director of Civil Protection arrived to help "supposedly", he climb the building up to the second floor, and then, in the exact moment he got inside the building, a group of motorcycle's hordes came and started the second wave of shooting. They entered to get their friends out, then a group of motorcycle firefighters rescuers came to attend the persons injured, and moments later we can see the police outside the University (didn't they see the motorcycle's hordes with the pistols?, please this was planned by Chavez Regime). Stalin Gonzalez, one of the leaders of the Students Movements, reported that vandals continued shooting at University until 9:00pm (GMT-4) when he could get all the students out from the University. He also report there are 13 people injured, 5 of them with gun shots, 2 on their chest (thorax), 3 of them on their legs. He also gave to the name of one of the shooters, Jose Felix Valero, who on VTV state-owned TV station at 10:00pm (GMT-4) appeared saying they went to help the group of Chavez supporters out in the University.(There is a video where you could see him with a gun.


This video is a report from Univision TV

Students' Videos

I personally think, Globovision TV station are in risk to be shutdown, they were very brave today. People in Venezuela are anger after heard Minister Carreño's speech.

Similar actions was reported in Lara, Merida, Carabobo and Tachira States. Next is a video from Tachira UCAT University, with SHOCKING IMAGES of a student with a big injured in his arm (viewer discretion is advised). Video was taken by on of the students:

Added in November 8:

USA government through its speaker, Sean McCormack, pronounced this afternoon and express the UCV Shooting as "Terrify" and "Shame" .
(1) The information of the student dead is extra-official. The Director of Civil Protection said on a live broadcast via phone by Globovision (on the zone and before the second wave of shooting) that he received the information of "some one apparently died". Then, the director of the Medicine Faculty of the University said, also on a phone address to Globovision that was false. Students injured are being attending at the University Hospital.

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