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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chavez mess with Church leaders

Last night, on a TV show called "La Hojilla", from the stated TV station Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), whose host is well known for be drug addict & trafficker, Hugo Chavez attacked verbally the whole ecclesiastic bishopric leaders, including the maximums leaders of the Catholic Church in Venezuela and the recent past away Cardinal Velazco.

He also had swears to Evangelical Church, whose leaders in Venezuela said a couple of days ago that this (un) constitutional reform was a heresy.

Among with many other words he said;

"I condemn you to hell, you fake leader, go with Satan because here is the Divine propose, from Christ, poor redeemer, Viva Jesus, father and Revolutionary leader..

...there are fake leaders round there, manipulating, Catholic Bishops, and now there are Evangelical fake leaders. I'm sure the truly Evangelical Christians and Catholics support the reform

"Cardinal Urosa Sabino is a whole of a vagabond, Mister Mugger, and not only the Cardinal, from there, going down, all are stupids". "Cardinal Velazco is a black vulture, and a coupist".

Also, Chavez insult and called facist to the rector of UCAB University, and also to the President of the Federation of Chambers (FEDECAMARAS). He also said that all their supporters must to vote Yes to the reform or they will be marked as traitors. "A yes vote is a vote for Chavez". You can watch the video (un-subtitled) following this link. He also make threats to the bishops saying "they will pay for all they are doing right now".

We are waiting for a response from the Vatican and Evangelical World leaders.

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