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Friday, November 2, 2007

Chavez hands on blood again: a student died


Flavia Carolina Araujo Senatore, student of Social Communication (Journalism) in Zulia State University (LUZ) died today November 2nd, after a group of vandals entered in the University and started shooting. 2 more students are also seriously injured after received fire gun shots, other 6 also injured. The name of the other dead is Homero de Jesús Romero Pancrate, (who at first time Government sources pointed as the killer of the student). The University was preparing the internal elections. The student (Araujo) was also member from political party Primero Justicia (PJ), one of the opposition parties who is calling to vote on next elections, and, of course to vote against the reform.

The students from LUZ University were protesting today for yesterday Police repressions, the students injured and also for the students who are disappeared and detained.

Mario Hernández and Jorge de Jesús Ludovic (injured) are the names of two the persons (at least 10) who supposed were part of the group who shot the students (according to Crime Police Officers CICPC), he is already on custody of CICPC, who is under control of Chavez Regime, so don't expect so much from them. In Venezuela is well known, and a former Cuban spy also dennounced this, Chavez Regime use vandals to assassinate persons, and later say that was "common crime".

In other Universities pro Chavez hordes attacked the building and also make writes on walls with graffities, supporting the (un) constitutional reform and Chavez regime.

On Lara state, Police shot tear gas and rubber bullets inside UCLA University.

There were also protests on Caracas Universities. In Sucre state, Governor Ramón Martínez headed a big rally, against Chavez. Regime.

Chavez Regime is blaming members from political party UNT (Un Nuevo Tiempo) for the assassination. The leader of this political party is former presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, current Governor of Zulia state, who has been accused of made business with Chavez.

Added on November 3rd:

Apparently the name of the group who commit those assassinations are called "Ave Fénix" (Phoenix Bird), a guerrilla/terrorist look alike pro-Chavez Group.

The family of the students give a press meeting with their lawyer, who said shooters were Paid Assassins, who came on a SUV driven by guy under the name of Mario Jiménez. He also accused Jorge de Jesús Ludovic who is in a Hospital injured was the person who shot Flavia Araujo. The lawyer also announced he would give the names of the persons and/ot the group who is behind these on a upcoming press meeting. Family are running a parallel investigation.

Below is the
picture of the other Homero person died Homero de Jesús Romero Pancrate, some sources said he was member from University Social-Christian group (linked to COPEI party). Information are still confusing.

Early this year, and during RCTV shutdown protests, a student from UCAB was assassinated when she was arriving to the University, also on same conditions, a group of vandals approach her on another vehicle and start shooting. Another one took place some years ago, this time was madame, Maritza Ron, who was protesting on Altamira Square in Caracas, during a series of protest. There definitely something in common in all these crime.

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Armando said...

We are back with Chavez's red shirts at the same era 80 years ago when Mussoline sent his "Black Shirts" to attack the people in Italy. The Nazi-Fascist regime is using all the tactis learned from Fidel, Hitler, Stalin and Mussoline. Just you have to listen to Putin a couple of days ago, talikng about the at least 30,000.000 russians killed during the "socialist Era"