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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enormeous Demonstration Against Chavez Regime

Today, 29th November 2007, people of Venezuela, and also from Colombia, among other immigrants in the country, gathered and filled the big Bolivar Avenue on Caracas (around 10 blocks), in fact the avenue was too little, the demonstration pass it through Libertador Av. This demonstration took place as a formal close campaign to vote NO on the upcoming referendum election about the (un) constitutional reform. The demonstration was convoked by the Student Movement, and some political parties. Other groups and NGO's assisted to the demonstration. To name some of them: Political Parties (Acción Democrática, MAS, Bandera Roja & ABP -Social Democrat- COPEI -Social Christian- , Un Nuevo Tiempo -center-, Primero Justicia -Right-, Podemos -Left / Socialist / former Chavez supporter-) NGO (National Command for Resistance CNR), Workers, Teachers Unions, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Actors, Church nuns, homeless...even Don Quixote!

On this, already defined as one of the biggest demonstration in Venezuela ever, several leaders speak to the people gathered , mostly student's leaders (Yon Goicoechea, Freddy Guevara, Eduardo Torres, Ricardo Sánchez, Desiree Zambrano). Mayors of Chacao & Baruta municipalities in Caracas also made speeches, while 2 helicopters from the Regime were flying all over the rally. By the way, one of them belongs to Miranda State Police, so he violated the air space, as the demonstration took place on Libertador Municipality of Capital District, not in Miranda State! (pic).

Everyone converged in the opinion to not trust of this National Electoral Council, but they said they need to go to this election to fight on a democratic way. But they warn to the Electoral Council to do a clean and trusty electoral process or they won't recognize the results (if YES win, that is expected as the regime has total control over the National Electoral Council, the Tribunal of Justice and the Telecoms Company (CANTV) who will control the data transmission, plus Chavez Regime nationalized around a million of foreigners in order to vote YES, Terrorist FARC member Rodrigo Granda is included) and they will take the streets to fight for each vote. Plus, the brother of current CANTV President (chosen by Chavez) is the Chief of the Telecoms and Computing department of Electoral Council, and they create an Informatics laboratory where the data from all the country will be received and totalizing, on the Bolivarian University, an University created by Chavez, where only Chavez supporter can study, and where his hordes, guerrilla based groups used to hidden.

In the middle of the demonstration, National Electoral Council order to retire the backing poster the opposition put in the concentration, but they rejected that saying the Regime exposed a big poster promoting YES vote (on a state building - the tallest in Venezuela- near the demonstration, check picture here, YES = SI, the poster goes all the building down) when, according to the Law, He can't do that.

Also, the state-owned VTV (Venezolana de Televisión) violated the Responsibility on Radio and TV Law when the exposed untrusted information, showing images of the Bolivar Avenue, on early hours today, when the avenue was empty, and then broadcast saying it was during the demonstration of the "oposicionism" (as VTV , Chavez Regime and their supporters call us). Also they said opposition and students use buses to bring persons from other places of Venezuela to the demonstration, but the buses they sought near by was some buses an concert production company parked because today night Argentinean group Soda Stereo would performed (the most popular rock band in Latin America by the way, and they are doing a special re-union tour). ...VTV dumbass!

Picture from AFP

On early morning also Spanish journalists denounced some of their team was detained inside the former Hilton Hotel by Chavez Regime and avoided them to cover the opposition demonstration.
You can find more pictures and videos here ( Link I | Link II). Additionally a blog about this demonstration was created: Estudiantes en la Bolivar.

Also, check this very interesting report from, nothing else nothing more than Al-Jazeera.

Tomorrow Chavez Regime will close their campaign in the same avenue.


What this head covered guy was trying to do?, on a state building, near the demonstration.
Pictures courtesy of Noticiero Digital forum participants who assisted the demonstration, also some International Press (AP, AFP, Reuter)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Colombia - Venezuela Relationships in the Edge of a Rupture


Chavez said today (November 28)
"While Uribe is the President of Colombia, I don't want any relationship with Colombia"

Analysts say relations between Colombia and Venezuela are on its worst time ever. Today Hugo Chavez gave another of his mad speeches, pointing Spain & Colombia Governments, specially the last one. Chavez said;

"Colombian Government doesn't want peace, I'm convinced...
...I have lost total trust on Colombian Government... "I put the relations with that Government in the freezer... ... Uribe has spit me on my face, it is unworthy!... ... Is very serious when a Government lie... ... Uribe lies in a horrible and shameless way... ...Colombia deserves a better President, a worthy one!".

Chavez also alert National Army Forces to be on High Alert, after possibles Colombian (or US) Troops movement. "Now we know of what that President is capable of!" He also said, respecting Spain, he "freeze" the relations with Spain until King Juan Carlos apologizes to him, after the "Why don't you shut up?" incident. Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe Velez immediately respond this attack with a Hard Tone speech:

"...With your insults and your lack of arguments, you hurt the dignity of the own Venezuelan people... President Chavez you want to put on fire the whole continent... ... Your words and your attitude give the impression that you are not interested on Colombian peace, but Colombia to be a victim of a terrorist Government... ... We need mediators with the terrorism, not legitimators of the terrorism... You talk about Imperialism, but your expansionists politics are Imperialism.. ... We ask for help, not for expansionists projects... ... it can be substituted the law, for a personal whim".

He accused Chavez of wanting a Colombia governed by a Terrorist Group (FARC), he also said he received information from Colombian Consul in US, that Colombian Deputy Piedad Córdoba, who assisted Chavez with the meetings with terrorist group FARC in order to released (or at least that was the idea of the whole thing) the prisoners that terrorist group has (including a former Colombian Presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt); was speaking with one of those terrorists (that is in jailed in US for drugs charges), about make a transitory government in Colombia, among other political things.

After President Uribe speech Chavez quickly improvised a TV "show" Interview with his unconditional journalists (including former Vice-President, José Vicente Rangel), where he said he already ordered a "Crisis Meeting" with the rest of Chavez Regime members, he said this will have an impact on economic relations.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chavez mess with Church leaders

Last night, on a TV show called "La Hojilla", from the stated TV station Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), whose host is well known for be drug addict & trafficker, Hugo Chavez attacked verbally the whole ecclesiastic bishopric leaders, including the maximums leaders of the Catholic Church in Venezuela and the recent past away Cardinal Velazco.

He also had swears to Evangelical Church, whose leaders in Venezuela said a couple of days ago that this (un) constitutional reform was a heresy.

Among with many other words he said;

"I condemn you to hell, you fake leader, go with Satan because here is the Divine propose, from Christ, poor redeemer, Viva Jesus, father and Revolutionary leader..

...there are fake leaders round there, manipulating, Catholic Bishops, and now there are Evangelical fake leaders. I'm sure the truly Evangelical Christians and Catholics support the reform

"Cardinal Urosa Sabino is a whole of a vagabond, Mister Mugger, and not only the Cardinal, from there, going down, all are stupids". "Cardinal Velazco is a black vulture, and a coupist".

Also, Chavez insult and called facist to the rector of UCAB University, and also to the President of the Federation of Chambers (FEDECAMARAS). He also said that all their supporters must to vote Yes to the reform or they will be marked as traitors. "A yes vote is a vote for Chavez". You can watch the video (un-subtitled) following this link. He also make threats to the bishops saying "they will pay for all they are doing right now".

We are waiting for a response from the Vatican and Evangelical World leaders.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Time Zone for Venezuela next December

*********************IT'S OFFICIAL! *******************
Minister of Science & Technology already informed and official gazette was delivered, legalizing the Time Zone change from next December 9th at 7:00 am (UTC)
Time Zone will change from GMT-4 to GMT-4:30

Original post:

Today, the Vice-Minister of Planning and Development of the Minister of Science & Technology said the new Time Zone for Venezuela, who consist on a delay of 30 minutes (GMT - 4:30) will take place next December, probably the 9th or 10th, at 3:00 am (GMT - 4).

This CCT (Chavez Crazy Time) has no sense since, after the change, the sunset will be more earlier (specially from October to March) so more energy will be wasted, sending to trash that program implemented last year to change the light bulbs for the fluorescent ones.

Chavez regime said they want this delay, so people awake with the sun and be more productive at work (yes, exactly as you heard).
So, as I said on a post back on September, I still will be use the current time (GMT - 4), but in any case, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems already launched patches to introduce this Time Zone to the OS and Softwares, as it doesn't exist, no other country has this Time Zone, so Venezuela will has its unique Time Zone (this is perfectly understandable, coming from the twisted insane mind of Hugo Chavez and his pals).

"Time goes by, so slowly..."

Monday, November 19, 2007

National Guard Attacked Tachira Universities


Part of the arsenal used (More pictures and link below)

Today around noon, and while students where having lunch, National Guard attacked UNET University. The rector of the university was injured, affected by massive tear gas being thrown into the lunch hall and other places. Rector of UPEL University (Rubio Extension) was arrested after been assisting injured teachers. Persons reports brutal repression and strong disturbs all uptown of San Cristobal, capital city of Tachira state. Only in UNET University, at least 500 tear gas cans was collected and students are calling to bring mattress and supplies to pass the night over the University, after threats of military forces to take control of UNET University. ULA University students responded to the SOS called from UNET students and started a protests that, apparently still continues, despite the night hours. Some of the tear gas thrown felt into the University Laboratories, provoking a major danger to everybody inside in the University at that time. Persons also reported that military forces used lead pellets.

A soccer game between the teams of Venezuela and Bolivia is scheduled for tomorrow. In other part of Venezuela, in Caracas, students from Metropolitana University gave pamphlets, informing people about the (un)-constitutional reform (they elaborate a very cleaver quick test with some questions involving different subjects of the reform, letting the people decide if those questions are OK to the country or not).

Students from Monte Avila University (also in Caracas) gave a press meeting where they criticized the delayed of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice on bringing answers to their petition to postpone the reform election. They showed a tortoise with a billboard with the initials of the Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) on the press meeting table to compare how the Tribunal of Justice are working on this case. Unfortunately for them, we already know that the Magisterial Court is under total control of Chavez Regime, so they will rule in favor of do the reform election next December 2nd (13 days from now).

Added on November 20:

Students still collecting the rests of the arsenal used by military forces. This are part of them:

239 Bombs marked N17CS
80 Bombs marked 560CS
13 Three-Phase Handball Bombs
6 Bombs marked N3CS
2 Bombs marked 515CS
Pellets cartridges
1 rifle cartridge

National Guard soldiers also leaved a container that has a label marked "CS Hand-Ball Grenade" picture below. CS gas is AKA Tear Gas.

Tortoise picture courtesy of Globovision.com

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Movies: First Look at Footage of Cloverfield / 01-18-08

Picture courtesy of cloverfield clues


IMDB is confirming the name of the movie is Cloverfield. The trailer is being shown with Beowulf (only in US ... I think)

Several copies of a video that apparently is the new trailer of the untitled J.J. Abrams project known as C
loverfield / 01-18-08 / Slusho have been leaked on YouTube, and in the end it shows "Cloverfield" what could be the title of the movie.

Here is another good quality copy click here. Other copies has been taking out from YouTube. Also some footage of the movie as been leaking into Internet, and Paramount is already asking for the deletion of them, you could still see those pictures at Project Cloverfield. But those pictures look more like set pictures, or maybe they are promotional pictures, in some of them we see Robby (the main dude) with the video camera. What I see with this new trailer is that J.J. Abrams want to promote this movie like the Blair Witch Project, I mean, the movie is based on video records from a group of persons who were in NYC while this monster destroy the city.

And for those who have been following the Viral Marketing, there is a site, apparently link with the movie, called
http://www.jamieandteddy.com, you need to click on the teddy bears picture, and put in the password jllovesth to see 4 videos of Jamie, one of the characters of the movie. Also the other site related with the movie, http://www.slusho.jp has now some new features, and a "coming soon" link with 2 Japanese symbols I wasn't able to translate them.

If you didn't know anything about this, please check the teaser on 01-18-08 Apple's Site and the official site is 01-18-08.com

Added on November 20th:

Some pictures of the cast of Heroes carrying a glass of Slusho Drink can be seen on Greg Beeman Blog, as he says: "don't ask / don't tell" LOL.

Chavez to Give Gulf & Put Hands on Nuclear Power

This is an article from El Universal Newspaper, based on a press meeting Chavez gave, only to International press and the state owned, VTV (Venezolana de Television).

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Thursday told a French TV channel that Venezuela, just like Iran, is launching a peaceful nuclear program.

"We are with Iran, and I do not think Iran is manufacturing atomic bombs," said Chávez. "Iran is developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, I am sure about that. Venezuela is also beginning to develop nuclear energy with peaceful purposes, just like Brazil and Argentina."

The Venezuelan ruler stressed the advantages of nuclear energy to reduce dependence on oil and help alleviate the effects of climate changes.

Chávez was talking about the Iranian nuke program because before flying to Paris he is making a stop in Tehran. The Venezuelan ruler showed confidence in diplomatic solution to the conflict and hoped "the terrible forecasts (US President) George W. Bush has made do not become a reality ever."

Chávez is scheduled to meet in Paris with French President Nicolás Sarkozy to talk about a likely humanitarian swap of hostages held by the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) for FARC fighters in jail. French citizen Ingrid Betancourt is among the hostages.

And I add, about the visit to Sarkozy, we need to remember that in France is jailed the Venezuelan Terrorist Ilich Ramirez "The Jackal", and Chavez could ask President Sarkozy to change Misters Betancourt with this guy who is rumored is family of the actual President of PDVSA, and Oil Minister, Rafael Ramirez.

Giving Part of Venezuela Gulf as a Gift:

According to the Newspaper "La Verdad", The Gulf of Venezuela won't be an exclusivity of the nation, now Colombia could has rights to a part of that maritime territory. Chavez Regime is planning to give about 2100 Kms. of that territory to Colombia, of the total of 27000 Kms the Gulf of Venezuela has. But the gift, not only include the maritime territory, but the oil reserves inside that territory also.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Videos & Pictures: Chavez supporters shooting at UCV University


(Shocking Pictures & Videos)
(Viewer discretion is advised)

Today, at 3:00pm (GMT-4), after the rally of the students movements to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice that ends pacifically, and the students delivered a petition of postpone the upcoming elections, the students went back to each University. But in the Universidad Central de Venezuela, students were received by a group of Chavez Hordes (because they don't have another name) who started shooting the students inside the Social Working building. AP camera men was on the zone (they were covering the rally) and took the next pictures I will show you. El Universal also covered the news in their website (English). CNN also has the report of Associated Press, click here.

The shirtless guy at the right is serious injured with gun shot

Yesterday, a minor group of students, members from the "Bolivarian Federation of Students", headed buy a guy of name Carlos Sierra, made strong threatens that they will take violent action to help Hugo Chavez. Some persons in Caracas listens a radio address made by a leader of the Chavez Violent Hordes, Lina Ron asking to attack Universities. Few minutes after the first wave of shooting, where the students defended themselves with rocks, and everything they got in their hands, a second group of Chavez Hordes came and start shooting and help their other friends to get them back there. According to Chavez Regime, these group get inside the University in order to post some YES Vote posters (picture below you can see these posters), but what about this guy with his head covered. Shooters are being identified as members of sub-guerrilla group Alexis Vive.

The state owned TV Station VTV, started blaming students of making the violent actions and there are rumour of a possible rule of Chavez Regime to send troops to take control of the Universities.

According to information gathered from some web pages, and TV station sources, there are at least 9 persons injured, and we are waiting to confirm the dead of a student who received a gun shot in his chest (1).

More pictures courtesy of AP and Reuter.

This guy is apparently a PDVSA worker

One of the Motorcycle Shooters of the second wave with a POLICE stamped motorcycle

Minister of People's Power of Interior and Justice Affairs, Pedro Carreño at 8:00pm (GMT-4) gave a public TV & Radio address (obliged to be broadcast by all the TV and Radio stations) where he blame the students for the violent events.

Click Here to check more pictures (Noticias24), more pictures algo in this Human Rights NGO web page.

The next is a video, presented by
Globovision, this was after first wave of shooting, the Director of Civil Protection arrived to help "supposedly", he climb the building up to the second floor, and then, in the exact moment he got inside the building, a group of motorcycle's hordes came and started the second wave of shooting. They entered to get their friends out, then a group of motorcycle firefighters rescuers came to attend the persons injured, and moments later we can see the police outside the University (didn't they see the motorcycle's hordes with the pistols?, please this was planned by Chavez Regime). Stalin Gonzalez, one of the leaders of the Students Movements, reported that vandals continued shooting at University until 9:00pm (GMT-4) when he could get all the students out from the University. He also report there are 13 people injured, 5 of them with gun shots, 2 on their chest (thorax), 3 of them on their legs. He also gave to the name of one of the shooters, Jose Felix Valero, who on VTV state-owned TV station at 10:00pm (GMT-4) appeared saying they went to help the group of Chavez supporters out in the University.(There is a video where you could see him with a gun.


This video is a report from Univision TV

Students' Videos

I personally think, Globovision TV station are in risk to be shutdown, they were very brave today. People in Venezuela are anger after heard Minister Carreño's speech.

Similar actions was reported in Lara, Merida, Carabobo and Tachira States. Next is a video from Tachira UCAT University, with SHOCKING IMAGES of a student with a big injured in his arm (viewer discretion is advised). Video was taken by on of the students:

Added in November 8:

USA government through its speaker, Sean McCormack, pronounced this afternoon and express the UCV Shooting as "Terrify" and "Shame" .
(1) The information of the student dead is extra-official. The Director of Civil Protection said on a live broadcast via phone by Globovision (on the zone and before the second wave of shooting) that he received the information of "some one apparently died". Then, the director of the Medicine Faculty of the University said, also on a phone address to Globovision that was false. Students injured are being attending at the University Hospital.

Monday, November 5, 2007

November 5th: Second week of protests started in Venezuela

Second week of protests and demonstrations started in Venezuela, against the (un) constitutional reform, the aggression against students, the assassination of a student last Friday, insecurity and lack of groceries.

The day started with students from around Venezuela blocking traffic of streets next to each University. Protests took place in Merida, Lara, Carabobo, Anzoategui, Bolivar, Aragua, Tachira & Miranda States, and of course in capital city Caracas.

But at noon a twist on the news took place when former Minister of Defense, Gnral. Raúl Isaisas Baduel gave a press meeting to express his rejection to the (un) constitutional reform. Among with other things, Gnral Baduel said that the people in Venezuela doesn't know the dangers of this reform and ask them to not let take out powers set on current constitution, he remarked that there is not a good explanation about what kind of socialism is expressed on the reform "it could be a totalitarian socialism, just like Pol-Pot in Cambodia". He called to vote NO on the next elections to stop this attempt of Chavez to give a coup d'etat, he said.

But at the same time this press meeting was taking place, and in the moment all kind of media in Venezuela was focusing on Gnral. Baduel, Chavez regime started a brutal repression against the students who was protesting on streets. There are several students detained, and at least 60 injured and 35 detained. On Tachira state, there are 5 students with cranial fracture, as the result of the excessive beats Police officers gave them with their batons. In Lara a camera man who was covering the protests was injured. There are many students injured with pellets, but in Merida states, some of the students are injured with marbles and nuts, I don't know who was, Police or National Guard officers, but some of them use marbles and nuts to shot the students. Persons who where on the protests and reporters are saying police officers are using violent actions to catch the students, and take them on custody, at this time most of them are still detained.

Apparently at this time, 8 o'clock in the night (GMT - 4) protests continues in some places. Police officers and National Guards are getting inside Universities, shooting students. There are also reports of military movements on some bases, plus Chavez had an all-day reunion with Military Intelligence (DIM).

About Gnral Baduel comments, opinions are divided, some people thing they are telling the true and retired officially his support to Hugo Chavez (He command the operation who took Chavez back to power on April 13, 2002). But some others are questioning them and are alerting this is a set up made by Hugo Chavez to try to call people to vote and stop the protests. The main point of discussions is the fact that he called citizens to vote on the next election, and , at the same time he said it was a coup d'etat. Gnral Baduel also asked his "arm companions" to not accept the reform, who will turn Venezuela army structure into a guerrilla structured group.

Right now in Venezuela, opposition is divided in 2 groups; those who are calling to vote NO on the elections (headed by former Presidential candidate Manuel Rosales and his party UNT), and there is the other group (headed by CNR "Comando Nacional de la Resistencia" NGO) who is calling not to vote on the election because the fraud is already set up. This last group is calling to boycott the upcoming elections, also last Saturday ask people to apply the Article 350 and disown Chavez Regime (you can read this article of Venezuela's Constitution on right column of this page). This group is what most of the people in Venezuela are sympathize with.

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez ask, both Police and Military Intelligence to stop, from once of all, the protests, saying they are terrorists, yes, now the majority of people in Venezuela who opposed Chavez are terrorists. We are governed by a insane person. Today Chavez made a phone conversation with a TV host from the state TV station Venezolana de Television, the said (sounding quiet nervous & worried) Gnral Baduel is a traitor.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Movies: "El Señor Presidente" to Challenge Hugo Chavez

Movie Footage

I received a comment from Mr. Romulo Guardia himself, the Director of the movie. He share with us the The Official Site of the movie from which you can see the trailer, synopsis, pictures and more.
Click here to enter the site of El Señor Presidente.

Today we received the announced of a new movie that will be released on Venezuela's theaters next November 23rd. Its title is "El Señor Presidente" (Mr. President) and is based on a novel of the same name, from Guatemala's Miguel Angel Asturias (published on 1948), and already has a movie version from 1970 (Argentina).

The story of the movie is about a President who wants absolute power and governs forever, just like someone we known ¿?...

The screenplay adaptation started on 1994, and since that time the project has being growing up and now is the perfect time to release it. Hope the movie could be released on movie theaters without any problems because sure this movie will produce scars to Mr President himself Hugo Chavez.

One thing very interesting, the movie is produced by RCTV (RCTV Digital Films, among with Angostura Films), yes that TV Station who Chavez shutdown earlier this year. The writer & director, Rómulo guardia said on a TV show that RCTV is not looking for Vendetta with this film, they have long time with this project and is just a coincidence, but "is the perfect time to release this movie" he said.

The movie has a big cast (like
Robert Altman projects), all of them by the way, actors and actresses from RCTV; starting in the leading role as The President, Gustavo Rodriguez (who recentlyProduction Footage assumed the presidency of the new Venezuela's Actors & Actresses Association). Also stars: Chantal Baudaux, Norkys Batista, Gigi Zanchetta, Carlos Mata, Daniel Alvarado, Jean Carlos Simancas, Javier Vidal, Aroldo Betancourt, among many others. The story of the movie takes place in the year 2021 (the same year Chavez said one time he'll be govern until to) on a chaotic city where, at the same time we could see a big Mall, we could see homeless sleeping at front of that Mall. I already saw some clips of the movie and looks great (quiet Danny Boyle style).

After being released on Venezuela's movie theaters, El Señor Presidente will be on International Festivals.

Next is an article from Ana Marie de La Fuente on Variety:

RCTV, the 53 year old Venezuelan terrestrial network that was yanked off the airwaves in May for its anti-government stance, is again defying the populist regime of President Hugo Chavez by producing a pic that openly describes a dictatorship in a Latin American country. This is RCTV's first film production in some 20 years

Written, produced and helmed by RCTV's VP of Development and New Media, Romulo Guardia, "El Señor Presidente" (The President) is a film adaptation of the novel by Guatemalan 1967 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Miguel Angel Asturias. Guardia's production company, Angostura Films, co-produced the pic.

Guardia shot "El Señor Presidente" in hi-def for less than $1 million in Caracas and other locations. "We had to film in secret in order to avoid being shut down," says Guardia, a former exec at Discovery Latin America

"El Señor Presidente" is set in a fictitious Latin American country living under a fierce dictatorship. In the story, the president uses his influence to destroy his rival and enemy, General Canales, the father of the young girl he fancies. "We plan to market the film as a Guatemalan story to avoid any problems with authorities," says Blancica prexy Antonio Blanco.

Check the full article: VARIETY

Watch Trailer

Pictures & Video courtesy of RCTV Digital Films, and Angostura Films

Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 3rd Demonstration: Pictures & Videos

A massive demonstration took place on Victoria Avenue in Caracas, where people from several groups, and civil society who oppose Chavez Regime gathered to protest against the (un)constitutional reform.

Several leaders made hard tone speeches against Chavez and the leader of National Council for the Resistance (CNR) Hermann Escarrá announced two rallies would take place on the upcoming weeks, in order to apply the article 350 of the Constitution and DISOWN Chavez Regime, yes, there won't be more against (un)constitutional reform rallies, this time is to DISOWN Chavez Regime.

The first one will be next Friday 9th, and the other, "the final one" would be in the last week of November, just some days before the elections. Also the Student Movement will take the streets next Wednesday 7th, and march to Tribunal of Justice to protests for the recent repressions and assassination of students.

Here are the pictures of today's demonstration, and some videos with the speeches (non subtitled).


"Now or Never"

Video: Protests around the World (Courtesy of UNIVISION)