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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Venezuela: muggers commiting robbery with large weapons

This video has just came up on You Tube and is a perfect example of was happening in Venezuela everyday, specially at nights and on weekends. This video was shot in Caracas. This is real thing people, it is not a footage from City of God.

Some rumours says that those muggers get the weapons through the Caracas - Libertador Municipality (under control of one of the most Chavez unconditional, Freddy Bernal). Apparently there is a basements on a building that used to be from Caracas Lottery Company, in a zone called Paraiso and now has been using by this municipality to give weapons to those persons that has been training to maintain a control over the Caracas "Barrios" (ghettos) in the same way Hezbollah operate in Lebanon, in fact, there are members of this terrorist group operating in Venezuela and this is well-known. How could those guys get machine guns and FN Fals (Light Automatic Rifle).

Arm handling is supposed to be forbidden in Venezuela.

Added on October 8th:

The Minister of People's Power for Interior Affairs and Justice has just announced on a TV Press meeting they will investigate, even take in custody the person who shot this video as, according to Minister Carreño, he/she tried to make a campaign against Chavez Regime. Also, and for the same reasons, They will investigate Globovision TV station for has made public this video, unbelievable. El Universal Online (Spanish).

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