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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Venezuela actress got fired for supporting Student Movement

Actress Fabiola Colmenares who attend the rally yesterday, supporting the Students Movement of Venezuela protesting against the (un)constitutional reform and against Chavez Regime (check picture in the last post), got fired from the TV Station she was working, Venevision, a private TV Station which their President (Carlos Bardasando) and CEO, Gustavo Cisneros, made a pact with the "Devil" Hugo Chavez to avoid the non renew of the Broadcasting contract. Earlier this year, a conversation between Carlos Bardasano, and Jesús Romero Anselmi (President of State-owned VTV) was published on Internet, the whole pact can be listen on that audio, a sample of that audio (in Spanish, of course) can be found following this link.

Fabiola Colmenares stars in the movie Miranda Regresa (Miranda Returns), (among with Danny Glover) a big blockbuster movie about proser Francisco de Miranda, financed by Chavez Regime.

Last night, on Globovision show Buenas Noches, actress made a phone call and confirmed that she was fired for supporting the students. She received a lecture about "you are an actress, or a politic activist?" after attend a Student Movement demonstration at a theater in Caracas where Chavez Regime was "debating" the reform (debating it only between them).

On the TV show she said "Now, I'm compromised with the Nation". She also said she is not afraid and "The only thing we have left is the sense to be Venezuelans and that thing they are not gonna take from us".

Opponents of Chávez claim that the government is abusing freedom of speech and press, especially after periodic inspections of the Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) and the implementation of the controversial Social Responsibility in Radio and Television Law (Ley Resorte)

If you want to support our cause, please don't by any products from the GRUPO CISNEROS ORGANIZATION: Blockbuster Puerto Rico, Cervecería Regional, Fisa Kapina , Pueblo, Saeca Travel; Venevision Continental, Cl@se, CM: Canal de la Música, Fashion TV, HTV , Infinito, I-Sat , MuchMusic Iberoamérica , Playboy TV Latin America & Iberia , Retro , Space , Spice Clips , Venus pay tv channels, Caracol TV in Colombia). They also manage DirecTV for Latin America, the Claxson Interactive Group, RODVEN Investments, Miss Venezuela, Leones del Caracas Baseball Team, Americatel, Business Services Provider, Gaveplast , Summa Sistemas . If you give in some way money to those companies, you are giving money to Hugo Chavez.

You can also use this link and leave write your Note of Protest to Venevision managers.

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