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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Streets Will Heat-Up Again

After being expelled with violence on a debate about the Constitution reform that had been developing on a theater in Caracas, a representation of the Students Movement that took the streets some months ago, protesting against the shutdown of Radio Caracas TV Station, announced they will take the streets again next Tuesday, October 23rd to protest against the inclusion of 23 new articles/changes on Constitutional reform Chavez presented last August.

The inclusion of those articles by the National Assembly, on which they proposed to eliminate the free willing of citizens to choose what to study, what business start, and the elimination of the right to the due process and freedom of information on States of Exception has light the wick for new protests. Civil Society of Venezuela will march among with the students at the National Assembly, and its believed (like in any other rallies) Chavez Regime will gathered their supporters at the doors of the National Assembly to use them as shields and avoid the students and Civil Society used their right to protest against this regime. Once again, I call the article 350, and there are many others articles on the Venezuela National Constitution. Because this Venezuela is not for everybody, is just for Chavez.

The Students Movement coincide with economic, political, lawyers and other special analysts on say this is a sort of coup d'etat Chavez Regime wants to establish in Venezuela. The streets will heat-up again the Resistance has becoming stronger. One of the political party that used to support unconditionally to Hugo Chavez, PODEMOS has saved its vote on this reform and has announced also, they will take the streets to protest against this reform.

Things doesn't look great in Venezuela, and especially to Holiday Season. Several groups and persons are calling to boycott the election process that will take place on December about the Constitutional reform.

I've been wondering what the US Presidential Candidates (both Democrats and Republicans) has to say about Chavez. I think the only one that has already talked about Chavez is Mrs. Clinton, no one else.

By the way, a some Venezuelan actresses like Amanda Gutierrez and Fabiola Colmenares accompanied the students on the attempt to express their point of view, a critical point of view, about the constitution reform today on a supposed debate the National Assembly made. You can see several videos on YouTube (Links below) that proof this attack against civil rights made by the National Assembly members and Chavez supporters. Reporters from RCTV and Globovision TV stations were also attacked, the reporter from RCTV was bad injured.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

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