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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23: Today's protest in pictures

More Pictures

Old man throwing a bottle

2 Chavez supporter attacking a student from the demonstration

Another Chavez supporter being under control by Police

Police officer helping a student get away from the tear gas

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Lawyer Hernam Escarrá and supporting the student movement rally, among with other members from the National Council for the Ressistance organization.

Chavez supporters who was blocking the access to the final point of the rally, gathered by deputy (former soap opera actor) Pedro Lander

Democrat Dr. Jose M. Vargas (former president, XIX century) on the left
Comunist (never finished medicine career) assassin Che Guevara. At the right students ask "Who is the Father of Venezuelan Medicine ?"

Actresses Amanda Gutierrez and Fabiola Colmenares

Too young to be a Police, if you may ask

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