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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Next November 3rd: Massive Demonstration Against Hugo Chavez

The National Council for the Resistance, among with several other groups and political parties are calling for a massive demonstration against the constitutional reform presented by Chavez and the National Assembly. In other activities, the Students Movement will march at the National Assembly next tuesday, and 3 political parties that still linked with Chavez Regime and have members in the National Assembly; PODEMOS, PPT, and the COMMUNIST PARTY are announced similar actions to protest against the constitutional reform. Some Governors also expressed their fears about this subject (Pro-Chavez by the way).

PS: It could be such a great a thankfully idea if persons in other countries organize demonstrations the same day at Venezuela's Embassies and Consulates of their respective countries to protest against the awake of a new dictator and danger to the World.

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