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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Movies: "El Señor Presidente" to Challenge Hugo Chavez

Movie Footage

I received a comment from Mr. Romulo Guardia himself, the Director of the movie. He share with us the The Official Site of the movie from which you can see the trailer, synopsis, pictures and more.
Click here to enter the site of El Señor Presidente.

Today we received the announced of a new movie that will be released on Venezuela's theaters next November 23rd. Its title is "El Señor Presidente" (Mr. President) and is based on a novel of the same name, from Guatemala's Miguel Angel Asturias (published on 1948), and already has a movie version from 1970 (Argentina).

The story of the movie is about a President who wants absolute power and governs forever, just like someone we known ¿?...

The screenplay adaptation started on 1994, and since that time the project has being growing up and now is the perfect time to release it. Hope the movie could be released on movie theaters without any problems because sure this movie will produce scars to Mr President himself Hugo Chavez.

One thing very interesting, the movie is produced by RCTV (RCTV Digital Films, among with Angostura Films), yes that TV Station who Chavez shutdown earlier this year. The writer & director, Rómulo guardia said on a TV show that RCTV is not looking for Vendetta with this film, they have long time with this project and is just a coincidence, but "is the perfect time to release this movie" he said.

The movie has a big cast (like
Robert Altman projects), all of them by the way, actors and actresses from RCTV; starting in the leading role as The President, Gustavo Rodriguez (who recentlyProduction Footage assumed the presidency of the new Venezuela's Actors & Actresses Association). Also stars: Chantal Baudaux, Norkys Batista, Gigi Zanchetta, Carlos Mata, Daniel Alvarado, Jean Carlos Simancas, Javier Vidal, Aroldo Betancourt, among many others. The story of the movie takes place in the year 2021 (the same year Chavez said one time he'll be govern until to) on a chaotic city where, at the same time we could see a big Mall, we could see homeless sleeping at front of that Mall. I already saw some clips of the movie and looks great (quiet Danny Boyle style).

After being released on Venezuela's movie theaters, El Señor Presidente will be on International Festivals.

Next is an article from Ana Marie de La Fuente on Variety:

RCTV, the 53 year old Venezuelan terrestrial network that was yanked off the airwaves in May for its anti-government stance, is again defying the populist regime of President Hugo Chavez by producing a pic that openly describes a dictatorship in a Latin American country. This is RCTV's first film production in some 20 years

Written, produced and helmed by RCTV's VP of Development and New Media, Romulo Guardia, "El Señor Presidente" (The President) is a film adaptation of the novel by Guatemalan 1967 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Miguel Angel Asturias. Guardia's production company, Angostura Films, co-produced the pic.

Guardia shot "El Señor Presidente" in hi-def for less than $1 million in Caracas and other locations. "We had to film in secret in order to avoid being shut down," says Guardia, a former exec at Discovery Latin America

"El Señor Presidente" is set in a fictitious Latin American country living under a fierce dictatorship. In the story, the president uses his influence to destroy his rival and enemy, General Canales, the father of the young girl he fancies. "We plan to market the film as a Guatemalan story to avoid any problems with authorities," says Blancica prexy Antonio Blanco.

Check the full article: VARIETY

Watch Trailer

Pictures & Video courtesy of RCTV Digital Films, and Angostura Films

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Anonymous said...

Gracias por tu gentil reseña, te lo agradecemos mucho.

Si quieres ver el trailer y el afiche, por favor visitanos en:



Ròmulo Guardia