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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Libyan Citizens Flying Venezuela - Nicaragua without Visa

3 Libyan citizen has entered into Nicaragua, coming from Venezuela, traveling without Visa.

This is reported by Nicaragua newspaper La Prensa de Nicaragua. A Fax letter from the General Consular Direction (stamped with URGENT and Dated July 27 2007) can be found on this newspaper site (click here). Anyway I posted a copy by my own below:

In the letter, the General Consular Director, Lotty Bendaña Vogel ask a authorization from the General Director of Migration and Foreign Affairs, Maria Antonieta Cova, so 3 Libyan citizen can get into Nicaraguan Airport Augusto César Sandino. The names of the 3 Libyan are:
  • Fathi Ahmed Agnijiyoua
  • Gadmour Mayloud Mofthah M
  • Ittaieb Jumaa M. Hussain
They were follow this travel route:
  • 28 July 2007: Caracas (6:45pm)-Lima(9:35am) (TA49)
  • Lima(02:30pm)-Panama City(18:00pm) Flight (CM-488)
  • Panama City(06:50pm)-Managua(19:30pm) Flight (CM-711)
A copy of this fax letter was sent also to President Ortega's Assistant of International Affairs and Secretary Deprived, Mohamed Lasthar(1) (Libyan origin, BTW). According to investigative report from this newspaper, no one in Nicaragua Government want to talk about this. The newspaper is reporting several charter flights following the route Caracas (Venezuela) - Managua (Nicaragua) with people that has entered Nicaragua without Visas and without a check-in.

Iranian also:

The same newspaper are reporting that 21 Iranian has entered into Nicaragua, coming from Costa Rica, and also, without Visa.

(1) This name is pretty interesting, please google them and you will see why, he is linked with the travel of an Atomic Reactor, from Argentina to Iran, passing through Venezuela.

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