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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gay Marriage in Chavez's Venezuela?

Yes, that could be a possibility and, most of all, on of the big populist acts from Hugo Chavez, trying to keeps popularity and seeking votes to approve the constitutional reform that, in the ends, needs to go to a referendum so people vote if they want it or not. The problem with this is Chavez has 100% control (like mafia style) over the National Electoral Council, the National Guard who will keep all voting materials, including the results, and even over the electoral machines and electronic data base systems. (They used to transmit the results by network through the ISP CANTV, but now this company is under total control of Hugo Chavez, so).

According to an article from newspaper El Nuevo País, The President of the National Assembly said they would proceed to modify the article 21 of the Constitution to include the prohibition of discrimination by "sexual orientation". This was the results of talks with a gay rights found in Venezuela (Fundación Reflejos), who made a visit to National Assembly, asking for gay rights. They also ask to change the article 77 to include "marriage between same sex persons".

The proposition presented by the President of the National Assembly, deputy Cilia Flores, did not include the option of "gay marriage", but, according to legal advisers, the inclusion of the term "
prohibition of discrimination by sexual orientation" open the doors to set legal bases so gay community members could go to judiciary offices and claim for surviving pensions, insures, inheritance and others.

I remember and interview when Chavez was presidential candidate, he was asked about the participation of gays in the army forces, he strongly rejected this option saying "we can`t let the army forces turn into a wachafita" (1).

(1) Wachafita is a slang for joke/jeer

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