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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day of Protests & Chavez getting insane: November looks great

Today Venezuelans didn't think on Halloween festivities which in Venezuela is basically just people gathered and throwing custom parties.

From early this day several protest took place in many points of Venezuela, putting a stop on those guys (Pro-Chavez) who say "It's happen only in Caracas".

Students on Tachira State (next to Colombia) took the street on a rally to the National Electoral Council building on that state. They were repealed by tear gas and rubber bullets by Police authorities.

An Association of Teachers took the Miranda Square to protest against the (un)constitutional reform.

On Falcón state, a group of people blocked avenue to permit access to Coro city.

Housewives stayed in front of the Defender of the People with empty cans and packs of Milk, Eggs and some others, protesting for the lack of groceries (primary Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Flour and Black beans).

Students from University UCAB on Caracas protests, then joined a protest near by, also for the (un)constitutional reform.

National Assembly Deputy member from PODEMOS political party said on an intervention in the same Assembly, the reform in unconstitutional because is a new constitution and violates some articles of the constitution.

Citizens from Puerto La Cruz on Anzoategui State blocked access to an Oil Refinery, protesting.

Members from Primero Justicia (Rightist) Political party stayed in the Supreme Court of Justice's hall, as a form to protest, demanding answer for a petition to separate the reform vote. (Not all the articles with one single answer Y/N, but separating them according to subjects).

Inmates from El Rodeo I Penitentiary also started a protest, asking for authorities destitution. Penitentiaries in Venezuela are like Prison Break's "SONA", but worst.

Public drivers also protest in Vargas State.

Some disturbes on a Supermarket in Anzoategui State, people trying to get a pack of Milk. Yes, in Chavez Venezuela people don't struggling for the new Iphone, people struggle for a Liter of Milk for their kids.

This ambient is apparently affecting Hugo Chavez who now said he is considering to propose
the vote sistem for the reform, separating it according to subjects. But He also are getting
siriously insane as He said USA sending a "toxic cloud" that provokes a disease on him. (YES, THAT IS WHAT HE SAID I'M NOT MOCKING YOU GUYS).

He also said will be open an investigation to determined the "true" motives of the dead of Simón Bolívar. (Hey Grissom, Catherine, I think you guys have a job to do).

God damn it, is completely insane, Bolivar died from a respiratory disease.

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