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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chavez banned Spanish singer to perform in Venezuela

Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez has just announced he forbidden Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz to perform in a concert that would took place in Caracas. The concert was planned by November 1st and thousands of tickets was already sold.

Alejandro Sanz is (if you didn't know) that one who sings with Shakira on a couple of songs, he also performed on the Latin Grammy's Awards with her.

Sometime ago Alejandro Sanz made strong critics to Hugo Chavez. In 2004 Sanz said he doesn't like Hugo Chavez and he would finish singing if more than 3 millions signatures ask to (this was just months before the recall on Chavez administration). He also accused Chavez of turned the "jewel of Latin America in a sad and poor country". Libertad Digital

So, there you have, if you don't like Chavez, you can even think in Venezuela, but if you are mind blind and came with bows to Chavez, you are totally welcome, like Sean Penn and Danny Glover.

By the way Danny Glover stars in a Movie financed by Chavez about the Venezuelan eminent independent hero Francisco de Miranda. The movie called Miranda: The Return is already on theaters in Venezuela.

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