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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day of Protests & Chavez getting insane: November looks great

Today Venezuelans didn't think on Halloween festivities which in Venezuela is basically just people gathered and throwing custom parties.

From early this day several protest took place in many points of Venezuela, putting a stop on those guys (Pro-Chavez) who say "It's happen only in Caracas".

Students on Tachira State (next to Colombia) took the street on a rally to the National Electoral Council building on that state. They were repealed by tear gas and rubber bullets by Police authorities.

An Association of Teachers took the Miranda Square to protest against the (un)constitutional reform.

On Falcón state, a group of people blocked avenue to permit access to Coro city.

Housewives stayed in front of the Defender of the People with empty cans and packs of Milk, Eggs and some others, protesting for the lack of groceries (primary Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Flour and Black beans).

Students from University UCAB on Caracas protests, then joined a protest near by, also for the (un)constitutional reform.

National Assembly Deputy member from PODEMOS political party said on an intervention in the same Assembly, the reform in unconstitutional because is a new constitution and violates some articles of the constitution.

Citizens from Puerto La Cruz on Anzoategui State blocked access to an Oil Refinery, protesting.

Members from Primero Justicia (Rightist) Political party stayed in the Supreme Court of Justice's hall, as a form to protest, demanding answer for a petition to separate the reform vote. (Not all the articles with one single answer Y/N, but separating them according to subjects).

Inmates from El Rodeo I Penitentiary also started a protest, asking for authorities destitution. Penitentiaries in Venezuela are like Prison Break's "SONA", but worst.

Public drivers also protest in Vargas State.

Some disturbes on a Supermarket in Anzoategui State, people trying to get a pack of Milk. Yes, in Chavez Venezuela people don't struggling for the new Iphone, people struggle for a Liter of Milk for their kids.

This ambient is apparently affecting Hugo Chavez who now said he is considering to propose
the vote sistem for the reform, separating it according to subjects. But He also are getting
siriously insane as He said USA sending a "toxic cloud" that provokes a disease on him. (YES, THAT IS WHAT HE SAID I'M NOT MOCKING YOU GUYS).

He also said will be open an investigation to determined the "true" motives of the dead of Simón Bolívar. (Hey Grissom, Catherine, I think you guys have a job to do).

God damn it, is completely insane, Bolivar died from a respiratory disease.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Naomi Campbell: Another one looking for something

The Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela. British supermodel Naomi Campbell met privately with President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday, becoming the latest in a series of celebrities hosted by the Venezuelan leader.

Campbell flashed a smile to reporters as she arrived at the presidential palace, but said little about what she hoped to discuss with Chavez...

Article continues here.

Picture courtesy of Miraflores Press Office (Francisco Batista).
Added on November 2nd:

There is a rumour Castro Regime took some compromised pictures of Naomi Campbell with Leonardo DeCaprio on Cuba and they, among with Hugo Chavez are blackmail Naomi Campbell. Sounds crazy but it could be true.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chavez supporters broke & entered, attacked a student forum

A group form the student movement, among with some political figures, such as Pompeyo Marquez from the political party MAS (Movement to Socialism) organized a forum on an Educative Institution in Caracas to discuss the dangers of the (un)constitutional reform. Yes, this left political party is socialist, but they are against Hugo Chavez.

But, like other reunions, Chavez supporters broke & entered the hall room on aggressive attitude and attacking one of the leader of the movement, Yon Goicoechea for wearing a T-Shirt with the image of Che Guevara and Globovision TV station logo. Goicoechea explained he took that decision to make his point of view about the whole political situation in Venezuela and the attitude of Chavez Regime on theirs politics.

A strong discussion took place, plastic bottles of water flied away, but moments later a detonation and a big spread of smoke took the room, everybody start running out. Yon Goicoechea is injured with nose fracture, among with 3 reporters from local, pro-Chavez AVILA TV station.

Here are a couple of videos courtesy of Intrepid from Noticiero Digital forums and Globovision.

Part I


Part II


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Venezuela actress got fired for supporting Student Movement

Actress Fabiola Colmenares who attend the rally yesterday, supporting the Students Movement of Venezuela protesting against the (un)constitutional reform and against Chavez Regime (check picture in the last post), got fired from the TV Station she was working, Venevision, a private TV Station which their President (Carlos Bardasando) and CEO, Gustavo Cisneros, made a pact with the "Devil" Hugo Chavez to avoid the non renew of the Broadcasting contract. Earlier this year, a conversation between Carlos Bardasano, and Jesús Romero Anselmi (President of State-owned VTV) was published on Internet, the whole pact can be listen on that audio, a sample of that audio (in Spanish, of course) can be found following this link.

Fabiola Colmenares stars in the movie Miranda Regresa (Miranda Returns), (among with Danny Glover) a big blockbuster movie about proser Francisco de Miranda, financed by Chavez Regime.

Last night, on Globovision show Buenas Noches, actress made a phone call and confirmed that she was fired for supporting the students. She received a lecture about "you are an actress, or a politic activist?" after attend a Student Movement demonstration at a theater in Caracas where Chavez Regime was "debating" the reform (debating it only between them).

On the TV show she said "Now, I'm compromised with the Nation". She also said she is not afraid and "The only thing we have left is the sense to be Venezuelans and that thing they are not gonna take from us".

Opponents of Chávez claim that the government is abusing freedom of speech and press, especially after periodic inspections of the Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) and the implementation of the controversial Social Responsibility in Radio and Television Law (Ley Resorte)

If you want to support our cause, please don't by any products from the GRUPO CISNEROS ORGANIZATION: Blockbuster Puerto Rico, Cervecería Regional, Fisa Kapina , Pueblo, Saeca Travel; Venevision Continental, Cl@se, CM: Canal de la Música, Fashion TV, HTV , Infinito, I-Sat , MuchMusic Iberoamérica , Playboy TV Latin America & Iberia , Retro , Space , Spice Clips , Venus pay tv channels, Caracol TV in Colombia). They also manage DirecTV for Latin America, the Claxson Interactive Group, RODVEN Investments, Miss Venezuela, Leones del Caracas Baseball Team, Americatel, Business Services Provider, Gaveplast , Summa Sistemas . If you give in some way money to those companies, you are giving money to Hugo Chavez.

You can also use this link and leave write your Note of Protest to Venevision managers.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23: Today's protest in pictures

More Pictures

Old man throwing a bottle

2 Chavez supporter attacking a student from the demonstration

Another Chavez supporter being under control by Police

Police officer helping a student get away from the tear gas

No comments

Lawyer Hernam Escarrá and supporting the student movement rally, among with other members from the National Council for the Ressistance organization.

Chavez supporters who was blocking the access to the final point of the rally, gathered by deputy (former soap opera actor) Pedro Lander

Democrat Dr. Jose M. Vargas (former president, XIX century) on the left
Comunist (never finished medicine career) assassin Che Guevara. At the right students ask "Who is the Father of Venezuelan Medicine ?"

Actresses Amanda Gutierrez and Fabiola Colmenares

Too young to be a Police, if you may ask

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Libyan Citizens Flying Venezuela - Nicaragua without Visa

3 Libyan citizen has entered into Nicaragua, coming from Venezuela, traveling without Visa.

This is reported by Nicaragua newspaper La Prensa de Nicaragua. A Fax letter from the General Consular Direction (stamped with URGENT and Dated July 27 2007) can be found on this newspaper site (click here). Anyway I posted a copy by my own below:

In the letter, the General Consular Director, Lotty Bendaña Vogel ask a authorization from the General Director of Migration and Foreign Affairs, Maria Antonieta Cova, so 3 Libyan citizen can get into Nicaraguan Airport Augusto César Sandino. The names of the 3 Libyan are:
  • Fathi Ahmed Agnijiyoua
  • Gadmour Mayloud Mofthah M
  • Ittaieb Jumaa M. Hussain
They were follow this travel route:
  • 28 July 2007: Caracas (6:45pm)-Lima(9:35am) (TA49)
  • Lima(02:30pm)-Panama City(18:00pm) Flight (CM-488)
  • Panama City(06:50pm)-Managua(19:30pm) Flight (CM-711)
A copy of this fax letter was sent also to President Ortega's Assistant of International Affairs and Secretary Deprived, Mohamed Lasthar(1) (Libyan origin, BTW). According to investigative report from this newspaper, no one in Nicaragua Government want to talk about this. The newspaper is reporting several charter flights following the route Caracas (Venezuela) - Managua (Nicaragua) with people that has entered Nicaragua without Visas and without a check-in.

Iranian also:

The same newspaper are reporting that 21 Iranian has entered into Nicaragua, coming from Costa Rica, and also, without Visa.

(1) This name is pretty interesting, please google them and you will see why, he is linked with the travel of an Atomic Reactor, from Argentina to Iran, passing through Venezuela.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chavez Regime Censored Videos Against the Constitution Reform

A group of videos that has been broadcasting on TV Station Globovision, expressing rejection for the reform of the constitution presented by Chavez was banned by the National Electoral Council.

The videos was presented by a civil organization called Ciudadania Activa (Active Citizens) and can be found in the YouTube Page of this organization, follow this link.

The enterprise who produced the videos, Bolívar Films was closed for 48 hours, and the newspaper El Universal was
fined with almost USD $800.000 from posting Ciudadania Activa opinions, on a clear Vendetta. Also a Globovision reporter was fine with USD$ 30.000 and gave her 15 days to pay, another proof of repression and chasing against the media in Venezuela.

Chavez, Drug Traffickers & Money Lauderers

Marco Walter Alexander (Alex del Nogal) is a Venezuelan entrepreneur who was captured by Italian police in Milano for drug traffic & possession. This was on September and the Argentinian press denounced he made several travels to Argentina (just like the suitecase man, Guido Alejandro Antonini). Mr. Del Nogal was condemned to 30 years for murder and car bomb attack, but he received pardon by Hugo Chavez.

This was the person who financed Hugo Chavez's presidential campaign, back in 2002. Chavez regime has rejected those links, but they can cover the sun with a finger. Here are some pictures:

Wilmer Ruperti (linked to Suitcase Man) & Deputy Luis Tascón

Alex del Nogal and his wife on the same social event
Del Nogal with Caracas Great Mayor (Juan Barreto) and Liberador Municipality Mayor (Freddy Bernal)

More Pictures here:
Noticiero Digital Forums

Below are some partial texts taken by articles made by Kenneth Rijock, Financial Crime Consultant from WorldCheck, about others scumbags related to Chavez Regime. Also, here is an article from The Miami Herald about this

Walter Alexander "Alex" Del Nogal, who fled Argentina when his associate, Venezuelan-American Guido Antonini Wilson was caught, smuggling US$800,000 into Buenos Aires, has been arrested in Italy on charges of international narcotics trafficking.

Del Nogal (UID 441492) was arrested upon arrival at Milan-Malpensa Airport when he arrived on a flight from Madrid. Italian media sources report that he was detained upon the order of a magistrate located in Palermo, Sicily, which raises the issue of whether he was involved with traditional Italian organised crime, more commonly known as the Mafia.

Carlos Rafael Lanz Rodriguez (ID. 3437254) - This former career terrorist, who once kidnapped and held an American businessman for several years, was named by Chavez to head ALCASA, Venezuela’s aluminum processing utility, believed by some experts to be a front for Uranium mining. Last year, he was seen meeting with Mustafa Setmariam Nasar onboard a Panamanian-registered freighter on the Caribbean coast. For those of you not following the global war on terrorism, Mr. Nasar is the Syrian Al-Qaeda leader who was the intellectual author of the Madrid train bombing, and is one of the most wanted fugitives in the world. This super-terrorist is regularly protected by the Direccion De Los Servicios De Inteligencia Y Prevencion, DISIP, when he travels in Venezuela. What was the subject of their conversation?

Guillermo Antonio Garcia Ponce (ID. 10804) - One of Venezuela’s most radical Marxists, (Liberacion Nacional in the 1960s) Comandante Garcia is Chavez’ liaison with the government of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, or North Korea. His mission is to acquire prohibited nuclear technology, and he has taken at least 8 trips to North Korea for that express purpose. It makes you wonder why North Korean military officers have been seen at Fort Tiuna, and what exactly Venezuela has purchased from that rogue country.

Ramiro Francisco Helmeyer Quevedo (ID. 5217226) - Released by Chavez from a 30-year prison sentence for murder (Mario Patty), this psychopath has been wanted in the US for weapons violations and escape for twenty four years (Northern District of Georgia, Case Numbers 1982cr-00220 and 1982cr-00355). His status as a trafficker in narcotics to Canada doesn’t seem to bother the Chavez government, though; Chavez unilaterally threw out his Venezuelan murder conviction, case No. 182-M-142. He is a “financial advisor” to DISIP, looter of PDVSA funds. His government-sanctioned crimes remain unknown thus far, but his involvement is a certainty, as is his longtime involvement with Orlando Castro Llanes. Helmeyer’s close associate, Alex Del Nogal, was also released by Chavez from a 20-year prison term, and is also currently with DISIP. One wonders how DISIP leaders reconcile Del Nogal’s prison term in Switzerland, and subsequent escape from custody, with his law enforcement role.

Orlando Castro Llanes (ID. 12391789) - Cuban-born Venezuelan financier and money launderer, he played a key role in Venezuela’s 1993-1994 banking crisis. He was convicted in the US of defrauding depositors of more than $ 55 million at Banco Progreso Internacional de Puerto Rico. This individual has been allowed to reopen his insurance business and is now a close aide to Chavez. Is it his communist past or his ability to destroy financial institutions, or both, that attract Chavez, and is he the brains behind Chavez’ foreign bank purchases?(1)

Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco (ID. 9095496) - No stranger to our attention, a man who went from living in a grain silo to being a PROAREPA multimillionaire in record time, thanks to the Chavez family. He represents one of the greatest threats to Venezuela’s economy, as he has the ability to drain all of Venezuela’s wealth, both domestic and foreign, using his network of offshore tax haven bank accounts. Will he be the bagman who pays HAMAS with Venezuela’s PDVSA profits in Teheran? We shall continue to investigate, so stay tuned.

(1) This person financed the coup d'etat Chavez did on February 4th, 1992

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Che Guevara Monument in Venezuela Destroyed

A monument inaugurated by Chavez regime some days ago on peak El Aguila in Venezuela's Merida State has been destroyed by a group auto-denominated Frente Patriótico del Paramo (Paramount Patriotic Front).

This information has been reported by a local radio who said the monument received several gun shots. The monument were made almost on crystal.

*************** Picture ***********

In other news:
The Bolivian Santa Cruz Airport has been taken by Army Forces on a violent action, but the order of taking the Airport came from President Evo Morales. There is a strange situation with a Venezuela airplane that arrived at the airport just moments after the military forces took tha Airport, that's pretty interesting.

Next November 3rd: Massive Demonstration Against Hugo Chavez

The National Council for the Resistance, among with several other groups and political parties are calling for a massive demonstration against the constitutional reform presented by Chavez and the National Assembly. In other activities, the Students Movement will march at the National Assembly next tuesday, and 3 political parties that still linked with Chavez Regime and have members in the National Assembly; PODEMOS, PPT, and the COMMUNIST PARTY are announced similar actions to protest against the constitutional reform. Some Governors also expressed their fears about this subject (Pro-Chavez by the way).

PS: It could be such a great a thankfully idea if persons in other countries organize demonstrations the same day at Venezuela's Embassies and Consulates of their respective countries to protest against the awake of a new dictator and danger to the World.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IACHR banned suspension of rights in state of emergency

The implementation of a state of emergency -regardless of the scope or name it may have in domestic law- cannot involve the suppression or nullification of the judiciary protections (due process) the States (that are parties to the Inter American Convention on Human Rights) are obliged to enforce in order to ensure both the rights that are not susceptible to suspension and the rights that are not suspended under the state of emergency

Article by


The changes the National Assembly plans to introduce to Article 337, Venezuelan Constitution, infringe international human rights conventions and treaties

People's rights to an attorney in order to face any trial and/or investigation, to the presumption of innocence, and to a fair trial by the relevant court and based on preexistent laws cannot be suppressed and/or suspended by the authorities, not even during a natural disaster, a social revolt or a coup d'etat.

This is the ruling the Inter American Court of Human Rights issued in its advisory opinion number 9, dated October 6, 1987, in connection with a consultation the Paraguayan government made back then to determine what judiciary protections could be rendered null and void during a crisis.

"The implementation of a state of emergency -regardless of the scope or name it may have in domestic law- cannot involve the suppression or nullification of the judiciary protections (due process) the States (that are parties to the Inter American Convention on Human Rights) are obliged to enforce in order to ensure both the rights that are not susceptible to suspension and the rights that are not suspended under the state of emergency," the regional court asserted.


IACHR justices at the time, Rafael Nieto (Colombia), Héctor Gros (Uruguay), Rodolfo Piza (Costa Rica), Thomas Buergenthal (United States), Pedro Nikken (Venezuela), Héctor Fix-Zamudio (Mexico) and Jorge Hernández (Honduras), unanimously ruled that actions such as habeas corpus (whereby any person in custody can ask a court to determine whether his arrest is lawful) and actions seeking legal protection (a motion filed with the relevant court in case of impending violation of the fundamental rights and which requires a swift ruling by the judge) cannot be discontinued under any circumstance.

Further "the legal proceedings attached to the democratic representative form of government that are intended to ensure full exercise of the rights referred to in Article 27, item 2, of the Convention (right to life, personal integrity, name, conscience, nationality, family, prohibition of slavery, and the rights of children and politicians" cannot be abolished.

Therefore, during the states of emergency, the nations in the Western Hemisphere, including Venezuela, have to ensure the operation of independent, impartial courts, so that they can "rule on the lawfulness" of the actions performed by the authorities under extraordinary circumstances.

The reason is that "while legal protections are suspended, some legal boundaries to the actions performed by the public powers may be different, but such limits shall not be deemed inexistent and, therefore, it cannot be assumed that the government is invested with absolute powers."

There is a limit for everything

In a prior advisory opinion -number 8- the Court also rejected the possibility that the states of emergency can be in force for unlimited time or that all the fundamental rights can be suspended during the states of emergency.

"The suspension of legal protections should not trespass the strictly necessary time limits. Any action by the public powers that surpasses such limits -which must be specifically oulined in the provisions to decree the state of emergency- shall be deemed ilegal," said the Court.

In a resolution dated January 30, 1987, the Court of San Jose (Costa Rica) reminded that under the states of emergency and/or commotion there have been "abuses in the hemisphere." Therefore, it warned "the suspension of legal protections is unlawful when it is used as a mechanism to attack the democratic system."

Setting off the alarm

The Venezuelan National Assembly this week announced it changed Articles 337, 338 and 339 of the Constitution. Under such modifications -pending for approval in a referendum next December 2-, the Legislature empowered the government to suspend the right to due process and to information during states of emergency, as well as to abolish the time limits for states of emergency.

This move by the Venezuelan Congress was rebutted by the Organization of American States' former Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression Eduardo Bertoni.

"The rights susceptible to suspension during the states of emergency have to be chosen wisely and, above all, having in mind what the internacional law does or does not provide for. I doubt that the right to information can be suspended. The fact that the right to due process can be suspended amounts to both disregarding the internacional law and forgetting the tragedies featured in Latin American history under dictatorships," Bertoni wrote, replying to a question posed via e-mail.

Bertoni, who is currently the head of Fundación para el Debido Proceso Legal (Foundation for Due Legal Process), strongly stated that the changes proposed by the National Assembly do violate the Inter American Convention on Human Rights.

"The region is making strides in a clear direction. Constitutional reforms over the last few years have respected the Inter American Convention on Human Rights. Venezuela was precisely one example of this, with the reform of 1999. The changes presented today, however, are a setback."

Translated by Maryflor Suárez R.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Human Rights Watch Alerts About Chavez Regime

Venezuela: Disturbing Plan to Suspend Due Process

Chávez Supporters Seek to Suspend Rights in Emergencies

(New York, October 16, 2007) – A constitutional amendment proposed by a pro-government committee in Venezuela’s National Assembly would allow the suspension of due process protections, Human Rights Watch said today.

The amendment would eliminate the constitutional prohibition on suspending due process rights in states of emergency. Under Venezuela’s constitution, these rights include, among others: the right to the presumption of innocence and to a fair trial; the right to an attorney; the right against self-incrimination; the right of a defendant to know the charges and evidence against him; and the right against double jeopardy.

“This amendment, if approved, would allow President Chávez to invoke a state of emergency to justify suspending certain rights that are untouchable under international law,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch noted that under international law many of these rights are considered so fundamental that countries are not permitted to derogate from their obligations to respect them – even in a state of emergency. Both the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights have made this clear.

The proposed amendments would also eliminate previous constitutional time limits on states of emergency. In addition, the amendments eliminate the requirement that the Constitutional Tribunal review the decree regulating the suspension of rights during times of emergency, as well as language establishing that such a decree “meet the requirements, principles, and guarantees established in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights.”

Proponents of the amendment have argued that the government needs to have free rein to suspend due process and other rights, including the right to freedom of information, in the event of another coup attempt like that which occurred in April of 2002 against President Hugo Chávez.

However, Human Rights Watch pointed out that it is during highly politicized emergencies that it becomes most pressing to respect basic due process guarantees, such as protections against arbitrary detention and the right to a fair trial.

“Recent Latin American history shows that it is precisely during states of emergency that countries need strong judicial protections to prevent abuse,” said Vivanco. “Otherwise, what has historically prevailed is the brutal exercise of power.”

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Streets Will Heat-Up Again

After being expelled with violence on a debate about the Constitution reform that had been developing on a theater in Caracas, a representation of the Students Movement that took the streets some months ago, protesting against the shutdown of Radio Caracas TV Station, announced they will take the streets again next Tuesday, October 23rd to protest against the inclusion of 23 new articles/changes on Constitutional reform Chavez presented last August.

The inclusion of those articles by the National Assembly, on which they proposed to eliminate the free willing of citizens to choose what to study, what business start, and the elimination of the right to the due process and freedom of information on States of Exception has light the wick for new protests. Civil Society of Venezuela will march among with the students at the National Assembly, and its believed (like in any other rallies) Chavez Regime will gathered their supporters at the doors of the National Assembly to use them as shields and avoid the students and Civil Society used their right to protest against this regime. Once again, I call the article 350, and there are many others articles on the Venezuela National Constitution. Because this Venezuela is not for everybody, is just for Chavez.

The Students Movement coincide with economic, political, lawyers and other special analysts on say this is a sort of coup d'etat Chavez Regime wants to establish in Venezuela. The streets will heat-up again the Resistance has becoming stronger. One of the political party that used to support unconditionally to Hugo Chavez, PODEMOS has saved its vote on this reform and has announced also, they will take the streets to protest against this reform.

Things doesn't look great in Venezuela, and especially to Holiday Season. Several groups and persons are calling to boycott the election process that will take place on December about the Constitutional reform.

I've been wondering what the US Presidential Candidates (both Democrats and Republicans) has to say about Chavez. I think the only one that has already talked about Chavez is Mrs. Clinton, no one else.

By the way, a some Venezuelan actresses like Amanda Gutierrez and Fabiola Colmenares accompanied the students on the attempt to express their point of view, a critical point of view, about the constitution reform today on a supposed debate the National Assembly made. You can see several videos on YouTube (Links below) that proof this attack against civil rights made by the National Assembly members and Chavez supporters. Reporters from RCTV and Globovision TV stations were also attacked, the reporter from RCTV was bad injured.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gay Marriage in Chavez's Venezuela?

Yes, that could be a possibility and, most of all, on of the big populist acts from Hugo Chavez, trying to keeps popularity and seeking votes to approve the constitutional reform that, in the ends, needs to go to a referendum so people vote if they want it or not. The problem with this is Chavez has 100% control (like mafia style) over the National Electoral Council, the National Guard who will keep all voting materials, including the results, and even over the electoral machines and electronic data base systems. (They used to transmit the results by network through the ISP CANTV, but now this company is under total control of Hugo Chavez, so).

According to an article from newspaper El Nuevo País, The President of the National Assembly said they would proceed to modify the article 21 of the Constitution to include the prohibition of discrimination by "sexual orientation". This was the results of talks with a gay rights found in Venezuela (Fundación Reflejos), who made a visit to National Assembly, asking for gay rights. They also ask to change the article 77 to include "marriage between same sex persons".

The proposition presented by the President of the National Assembly, deputy Cilia Flores, did not include the option of "gay marriage", but, according to legal advisers, the inclusion of the term "
prohibition of discrimination by sexual orientation" open the doors to set legal bases so gay community members could go to judiciary offices and claim for surviving pensions, insures, inheritance and others.

I remember and interview when Chavez was presidential candidate, he was asked about the participation of gays in the army forces, he strongly rejected this option saying "we can`t let the army forces turn into a wachafita" (1).

(1) Wachafita is a slang for joke/jeer

Friday, October 12, 2007

Venezuela National Assembly Approved the Setting-up of Dictatorship Regime

Just a couple of hours ago the Venezuela National Assembly has approved the Constitutional Reform Chavez presented last August 15, on which Chavez seeks for eliminates the private property, the National Bank autonomy, the National Guard and stuck to the Presidency forever, a new territorial division of the country, with Vice-Presidents chosen by Chavez to control them, the elimination of the free willing to choose what career to study and what kind of business to undertake, among other things.

The National Assembly approved a polemic change on the following article about the State of Exception:

Article 337: The President of the Republic, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, shall have the power to decree states of exception. Expressly defined as such are circumstances of a social, economic, political, natural or ecological nature which seriously affect the security of the Nation, institutions and citizens, in the face of which the powers available to cope with such events are insufficient. In such case, the guarantees contained in this Constitution may be temporarily restricted, with the exception of those relating to the right to life, prohibition of uncommunicative detention or torture, the right to due process, the right to information and other intangible human rights.
The phrase "the right to due process, the right to information" was removed, although some parliamentarians saved their vote on this.

The elimination of the right to due process and the right to information is a clear proof that Chavez Regime is on ways to set legally and officially a brutal dictatorship regime on Venezuela.

added on October 14:

The National Assembly presented changes on 25 more articles, plus the 33 that was presented, although their leader, Hugo Chavez said "I don't want this reform I am presenting would be added anything more, neven a comma!"... Experts say with those changes, this is not a reform of the Constitution, this is a brand new Constitution, and they can't present a new Constitution just like that, is a violation of the current Constitution and that's a little example of the several violations of the 1999 Constitution Chavez regime has been doing and that's why most of the Venezuelans are asking the application of the articles 333 and 350 that you can read at the right column of these page. Constitutionalist and Jurist Hermann Escarrá said this is a violation of the
Act of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

added on October 15:
About the elimination of the free willing to choose what to study and work that I said before, On article 112 about the economics rights:

Article 112: All persons may devote themselves freely to the economic activity of their choice, subject only to the limitations provided for in this Constitution and those established by law for reasons of human development, security, health, environmental protection or other reasons in the social interest. The State shall promote private initiative, guaranteeing the creation and fair distribution of wealth, as well as the production of goods and services that meet the needs of the populace, freedom of work, enterprise, commerce, industry, without prejudice to the power of the State to promulgate measures to plan, rationalize and regulate the economy and promote the overall development of the country.
Chavez Regime would like to change the phrase "All persons may devote themselves freely to the economic activity of their choice" to "The State will promote the development of an economic, model productive, intermediate, diversified, and independent, founded on the humanistic values of cooperation, and the preponderance of the common interest over the personals, that guarantee the satisfaction of the social and material needs of the people, the most sum of political stability and happiness possible".

They also added:

"at the same time (the state) will promote and develop diverse enterprises and economic units of social property as direct or communal as indirect or stated, as enterprises and economic units of social production and/or distribution, being able to be of mix property between the State, the private sector and the communal power, creating the conditions for the collective construction and the cooperation of a SOCIALIST ECONOMY.

So judge for yourselves....

Why the movie METROPOLIS is popping out on my mind?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chavez banned Spanish singer to perform in Venezuela

Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez has just announced he forbidden Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz to perform in a concert that would took place in Caracas. The concert was planned by November 1st and thousands of tickets was already sold.

Alejandro Sanz is (if you didn't know) that one who sings with Shakira on a couple of songs, he also performed on the Latin Grammy's Awards with her.

Sometime ago Alejandro Sanz made strong critics to Hugo Chavez. In 2004 Sanz said he doesn't like Hugo Chavez and he would finish singing if more than 3 millions signatures ask to (this was just months before the recall on Chavez administration). He also accused Chavez of turned the "jewel of Latin America in a sad and poor country". Libertad Digital

So, there you have, if you don't like Chavez, you can even think in Venezuela, but if you are mind blind and came with bows to Chavez, you are totally welcome, like Sean Penn and Danny Glover.

By the way Danny Glover stars in a Movie financed by Chavez about the Venezuelan eminent independent hero Francisco de Miranda. The movie called Miranda: The Return is already on theaters in Venezuela.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Venezuela: muggers commiting robbery with large weapons

This video has just came up on You Tube and is a perfect example of was happening in Venezuela everyday, specially at nights and on weekends. This video was shot in Caracas. This is real thing people, it is not a footage from City of God.

Some rumours says that those muggers get the weapons through the Caracas - Libertador Municipality (under control of one of the most Chavez unconditional, Freddy Bernal). Apparently there is a basements on a building that used to be from Caracas Lottery Company, in a zone called Paraiso and now has been using by this municipality to give weapons to those persons that has been training to maintain a control over the Caracas "Barrios" (ghettos) in the same way Hezbollah operate in Lebanon, in fact, there are members of this terrorist group operating in Venezuela and this is well-known. How could those guys get machine guns and FN Fals (Light Automatic Rifle).

Arm handling is supposed to be forbidden in Venezuela.

Added on October 8th:

The Minister of People's Power for Interior Affairs and Justice has just announced on a TV Press meeting they will investigate, even take in custody the person who shot this video as, according to Minister Carreño, he/she tried to make a campaign against Chavez Regime. Also, and for the same reasons, They will investigate Globovision TV station for has made public this video, unbelievable. El Universal Online (Spanish).