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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Venezuela opposition group call for a "Constitutional Insurrection"

The Venezuela opposition group Comando Nacional de la Resistencia (CNR) has announced today they will send a judiciary demand to annul the recent petition of constitutional reform presented by Chavez and the subsequent referendum call.

In voice of a constitutional lawyer, member of CNR and a former member of the National Constitutional Assembly that discuss and create the 1999, and current Venezuela constitution; Hermann Escarrá, they will not collaborate to legitimate what is a violation of the current constitution and they also will not support the current National Electoral Council "They are a Chavez's Electoral Council".

In an event that took place today in Caracas, this opposition group announced today the start of a "Civilian Insurrection" against Chavez Regime.

I'm not friend of polls, but in the last month, three different polls from different statistical companies show that this constitutional reform are disapproved by 60% - 80% of Venezuelans that also say this is a way to Chavez for legitimate a Dictatorship Marxist-Leninist regime in Venezuela.

In this new constitutional reform, Chavez propose to creation of National Militias, use the word "Anti-Imperialism", give all the power to himself, eliminate the Market Economic System, Control the Monetary Reserves, Chavez will has the power to dissolve the National Assembly, total control of the "Bolivarian Army Forces", has the power to creat and unlimited number of vice-presidents, create special military zones under his command and he already has created the Committee's for the Defense of the Constitutional Reform, under the same structure of the Cuban's Committee's for the Defense of the Revolutions (CDR), in other words, terrorist Hezbollah look alike groups to "pulverize" everyone that is against him as he just said some days ago.

Chavez regime has today total control of the National Electoral Council, the Judiciary System, the National Assembly, 20 of 24 states, the Intelligence Agency, Metropolitan Police, Caracas Mayor Municipality, almost all the National Army Forces, all local energy and oil companies, the mayor Telecom Service Provider Company, almost all the TV & radio station...

added on September 2nd:

Video of the reunion, courtesy of Plasmatico in Tu.TV Hispavista


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