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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Teachers and Doctors to go on strike in Venezuela

The president of the National Council of Schools and Professional Educational Workers Union in Venezuela, Mr. José Teixeira has announced the proposition to the Magistracy that join all the educational workers group the proposition to go to a series of strike to protest the new reform Hugo Chavez wanted to attack the educational system and destroy the private and democratic education.

They have criticized the implementation of a new educational curriculum that goes in the same way of Soviet Union system, under a Marxist Leninist model. This announce coincide with the call from the Health Workers Union to meeting to decide how they will do a protest for better salaries, although they also announced they won't stop labours. The private clinics has been trying to make an agree with Chavez regime to avoid their destruction as Hugo Chavez has announced he will take control over all health institutions and transform them, among with the private schools into "bolivarian" systems that applaud him.

In Venezuela protest don't stop. People in several places are protesting for several things, like lack of water, power supply constant failures, the sacked of workers from the Telecoms company CANTV, also from PDVSA, the insecurity, the increase of robbery, the systematic assassination of jail inmates, etc, etc, etc.

Next is an article from Venezuela newspaper El Universal.

High-school students will be taught Marxism-Leninism

Researcher Tulio Ramírez claims that the moves to change course syllabus in Venezuela are intended to "turn the country into a barrack. This revolution is not democratic because it intends to hold power perpetually. The goal is teaching future generations who are loyal to the revolution and to the military"


"Building a new Venezuelan socialist awareness and training new generations bearing such awareness," this is the ultimate goal of the Bolivarian Education System.

In order to attain such a goal, curricula in Venezuela are aimed at creating a new man under the teaching doctrines of Simón Bolívar, Ezequiel Zamora and Simón Rodríguez.

First things first. Excepting Rodríguez, the other two Venezuelan heroes made no contributions in the teaching field. "Zamora never produced theories or works on teaching. We do not know any teaching theory authored by Simón Bolívar either. His ideas come from the French enlightened people of his time; they are not his," said Robert Rodríguez Raga, a professor at the Caracas Pedagogic Institute.

Indeed, what seems really true is the fact that in Venezuela curricula are aimed at training the so-called new man with an exacerbated nationalist, military education that rejects plurality based on the Bolivarian ideas and aversion to the European culture, industrialized and developing countries, particularly the United States and Europe, but not China and Russia.

With these clear purposes in mind, the authors of the curricula are aiming at the first grade of the Bolivarian primary education, where one of the objectives outlined in the study program is Man and Geographical, Historic and Cultural Development. Bolivarian Ideas. 21st Century Socialism. Three-Rooted Three (Simón Bolívar, Simón Rodríguez and Ezequiel Zamora).

Regarding history, Rodríguez Raga warns that the role of "the fatherland heroes, champions, and precursors" is exacerbated. In his view, the real goal here is "replicating and imposing a militaristic history, where everything revolves around the cult of Bolívar. People, civility are missing."

According to Tulio Ramírez, a professor and researcher at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the repeated use of the word hero is linked to the military. "The target is turning the country into a barrack. This revolution is not democratic because it intends to hold power perpetually. The goal is teaching future generations who are loyal to the revolution and to the military."

Education therefore will attempt at strengthening students' loyalty to the State, where anyone who may oppose socialism -imposed as the sole model- will be under surveillance and criticism.

Check the rest of the article here

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