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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chavez Regime will change Venezuela Time Zone next week

The Minister of People's for Education, Adan Chavez (Brother of Hugo Chavez) has announced the delay of 30 minutes of Venezuela Time Zone will be effective on September 24th, this year. Chavez Regime said they will be change Venezuela Time Zone because "Public Healthy Reasons" ??????????? They said they need to change time zone, so Venezuelans awake "with the sun" and, according to Chavez regime, work better and more (very like Mao Tse Tung crazy and useless rules). Awake and go to work, this thing sound like slavery!

With this change, Venezuela will be away from any Time Zone rules and will be the only one country with a -4:30 from GMT.

But until today, Chavez Regime doesn't announce yet how this change will took place.

In Venezuela, almost anyone has been taking importance to this thing, actually, I will continue to use the current Time Zone of GMT -4, so I say to Chavez Regime, whatever....

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