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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chavez Police arrested persons for posting Bolívar's Thought

Today a group of persons in the Caracas zone known as Altamira was arrested, and a big poster was seized by Chavez Police officers from Policia Metropolitana. The group of people showed a big poster with a Simón Bolívar thought to protest against the new Constitutional Reform Chavez has been promoting and that includes the undefined re-election of Chavez himself. The opposition group called "Ciudadania Activa" (Active Citizens) approached to Francisco Fajardo Av. in Altamira distributor, Caracas and deployed a big poster with the follow Bolívar Thought:

The continuation of authority in a same person has been frequently the end of a democratic Government

Next is a picture taken from my TV when the TV Station Globovisión was broadcasting the news:

The persons arrested has been released, but Police Officers kept with the big poster, in a Government who constantly point out Simón Bolívar speeches and thoughts, and uses the word "Bolivarianism" everywhere.

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