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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chavez Police arrested persons for posting Bolívar's Thought

Today a group of persons in the Caracas zone known as Altamira was arrested, and a big poster was seized by Chavez Police officers from Policia Metropolitana. The group of people showed a big poster with a Simón Bolívar thought to protest against the new Constitutional Reform Chavez has been promoting and that includes the undefined re-election of Chavez himself. The opposition group called "Ciudadania Activa" (Active Citizens) approached to Francisco Fajardo Av. in Altamira distributor, Caracas and deployed a big poster with the follow Bolívar Thought:

The continuation of authority in a same person has been frequently the end of a democratic Government

Next is a picture taken from my TV when the TV Station Globovisión was broadcasting the news:

The persons arrested has been released, but Police Officers kept with the big poster, in a Government who constantly point out Simón Bolívar speeches and thoughts, and uses the word "Bolivarianism" everywhere.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chavez Regime Blocking Internet Access

Ok the video below is a screen recording of an attempt to log-on to a Panama Government site. http://www.panamatramita.gob.pa In this site you have information about getting Visas, Tourist Cards and other papers and permits to travel to Panama. Apparently Chavez Regime doesn't want Venezuelans to know about this because Chavez Regime is blocking its access through the ISP that is under its control CANTV. I'm on way to change for another ISP (a non-Chavez controlled one), In the meantime, and, as you can see in the video, I'm using PROXY to hide my ID through Internet so I can get access to those sites, Chavez Regime doesn't want me to be logged on. The same happen with YouTube (sometimes) and with radio Internet broadcasters (such as http://www.radionexx.com) and political opposition sites (as http://www.megaresistencia.com).

Of course this is a hell out of a dictatorship!

Description of the Video:
I'm trying to log-on to Panama Tramita (a GOB site from Panama). But I couldn't so I went to Internet Settings/LAN settings and set a Proxy Server to work with, and refresh the page, Oh my gosh!, what a surprise, now I get access to the site!

PD: I owed you the audio, but it is very well explained in this post I think. I'll try to post the file on another source you can get access and download it.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chavez Time Zone delay, delayed for now

Chavez regime has announce there will delay the change on Venezuela Time Zone because it can't be done by next week. This is the second delay Chavez regime announce on this decision. Also on Chavez TV Show, his brother, the person who suppose came with this idea just couldn't explain well how will be this change.

Chavez regime has been doing nothing to explain this change, no TV ads, persons are confused, there are persons even don't know anything about this stupid idea that, as we can see, Chavez regime itself are not ready yet, even worse, are very confuse about how to do this.

Teachers and Doctors to go on strike in Venezuela

The president of the National Council of Schools and Professional Educational Workers Union in Venezuela, Mr. José Teixeira has announced the proposition to the Magistracy that join all the educational workers group the proposition to go to a series of strike to protest the new reform Hugo Chavez wanted to attack the educational system and destroy the private and democratic education.

They have criticized the implementation of a new educational curriculum that goes in the same way of Soviet Union system, under a Marxist Leninist model. This announce coincide with the call from the Health Workers Union to meeting to decide how they will do a protest for better salaries, although they also announced they won't stop labours. The private clinics has been trying to make an agree with Chavez regime to avoid their destruction as Hugo Chavez has announced he will take control over all health institutions and transform them, among with the private schools into "bolivarian" systems that applaud him.

In Venezuela protest don't stop. People in several places are protesting for several things, like lack of water, power supply constant failures, the sacked of workers from the Telecoms company CANTV, also from PDVSA, the insecurity, the increase of robbery, the systematic assassination of jail inmates, etc, etc, etc.

Next is an article from Venezuela newspaper El Universal.

High-school students will be taught Marxism-Leninism

Researcher Tulio Ramírez claims that the moves to change course syllabus in Venezuela are intended to "turn the country into a barrack. This revolution is not democratic because it intends to hold power perpetually. The goal is teaching future generations who are loyal to the revolution and to the military"


"Building a new Venezuelan socialist awareness and training new generations bearing such awareness," this is the ultimate goal of the Bolivarian Education System.

In order to attain such a goal, curricula in Venezuela are aimed at creating a new man under the teaching doctrines of Simón Bolívar, Ezequiel Zamora and Simón Rodríguez.

First things first. Excepting Rodríguez, the other two Venezuelan heroes made no contributions in the teaching field. "Zamora never produced theories or works on teaching. We do not know any teaching theory authored by Simón Bolívar either. His ideas come from the French enlightened people of his time; they are not his," said Robert Rodríguez Raga, a professor at the Caracas Pedagogic Institute.

Indeed, what seems really true is the fact that in Venezuela curricula are aimed at training the so-called new man with an exacerbated nationalist, military education that rejects plurality based on the Bolivarian ideas and aversion to the European culture, industrialized and developing countries, particularly the United States and Europe, but not China and Russia.

With these clear purposes in mind, the authors of the curricula are aiming at the first grade of the Bolivarian primary education, where one of the objectives outlined in the study program is Man and Geographical, Historic and Cultural Development. Bolivarian Ideas. 21st Century Socialism. Three-Rooted Three (Simón Bolívar, Simón Rodríguez and Ezequiel Zamora).

Regarding history, Rodríguez Raga warns that the role of "the fatherland heroes, champions, and precursors" is exacerbated. In his view, the real goal here is "replicating and imposing a militaristic history, where everything revolves around the cult of Bolívar. People, civility are missing."

According to Tulio Ramírez, a professor and researcher at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the repeated use of the word hero is linked to the military. "The target is turning the country into a barrack. This revolution is not democratic because it intends to hold power perpetually. The goal is teaching future generations who are loyal to the revolution and to the military."

Education therefore will attempt at strengthening students' loyalty to the State, where anyone who may oppose socialism -imposed as the sole model- will be under surveillance and criticism.

Check the rest of the article here

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alan Greenspan turns the alert on regarding Chavez

From El Universal
September 17, 2007

Greenspan accuses Chávez of snatching the oil business out of Venezuela

Former US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez of "grabbing and politicizing" the Venezuelan oil business and compared him with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe in his memoirs released Monday.

The Venezuelan president "is seizing and politicizing the formerly proud oil industry, ranking second in the world 50 years ago," said Greenspan in a book entitled "The era of turbulence: Adventures in a new world," AFP quoted.

In a chapter devoted to populism in Latin America, the Fed former chairman noted that President Chávez "is following the example of Mugabe, who handed the seized lands over to the whites (…) his followers (…) who were not ready to manage them."

Greenspan matched the situation in the African country with state-run oil holding Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa). "Chávez replaced most technicians with his government stooges, causing a permanent loss of hundred thousand barrels per day of output capacity."

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chavez Regime will change Venezuela Time Zone next week

The Minister of People's for Education, Adan Chavez (Brother of Hugo Chavez) has announced the delay of 30 minutes of Venezuela Time Zone will be effective on September 24th, this year. Chavez Regime said they will be change Venezuela Time Zone because "Public Healthy Reasons" ??????????? They said they need to change time zone, so Venezuelans awake "with the sun" and, according to Chavez regime, work better and more (very like Mao Tse Tung crazy and useless rules). Awake and go to work, this thing sound like slavery!

With this change, Venezuela will be away from any Time Zone rules and will be the only one country with a -4:30 from GMT.

But until today, Chavez Regime doesn't announce yet how this change will took place.

In Venezuela, almost anyone has been taking importance to this thing, actually, I will continue to use the current Time Zone of GMT -4, so I say to Chavez Regime, whatever....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exxon Mobil seeks arbitration over Venezuela assets

By Jim Kennett and Steven Bodzin
September 13 2007

Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest oil company, filed for arbitration in a dispute over assets seized by the Venezuelan government.

The Irving, Texas-based company's 41.7 percent stake in the heavy oil project had a net-book value of about $750 million at the time of the expropriation, according to a regulatory filing today. The company said it requested arbitration Sept. 6 with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, claiming a fight against imperialism, took control in May of four ventures that turn tar- like crude into about 600,000 barrels of synthetic oil a day. He forced foreign oil producers to give state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA at least 60 percent ownership in each venture.

"Exxon Mobil has worked with the Venezuelan government to reach an agreement regarding compensation based on the fair market value of the assets,'' Exxon Mobil spokesman Len D'Eramo said in an e-mailed statement. "We are disappointed these discussions have not been successful.''

Exxon Mobil remains willing "to engage in substantive discussions with the Venezuelan government,'' D'Eramo added in another e-mail.

Exxon Mobil had been in talks with Venezuelan authorities since walking away from its Cerro Negro operations on June 26, the day foreign oil companies were ordered to sign over stakes in their ventures that extract and process crude oil in the Faja del Orinoco. Houston-based ConocoPhillips also refused to sign.

Check the rest of the article on PetroleumWorld. ConocoPhillips has also intentions to go to International Arbitration.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

World Check: Venezuelan Money Launderer slated to plead guilty in Argentina

Fugitive Venezuelan-American "bagman" Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, wanted by Argentina in connection with the US$800,000 he attempted to smuggle into Buenos Aires, will reportedly plead guilty, and serve a six-month jail sentence in Argentina for his crime. If you are looking for a reason why he would leave his comfortable Key Biscayne, Florida residence, to serve time, sources inside Venezuela advise that he will reportedly receive a large sum from the Chavez government in exchange for falling upon his sword, and refraining from disclosing any information to Argentinean and Venezuelan authorities. If this happens, will the truth never be known?....

Check entire article from Kenneth Rijock in his World Check column "From A Different Angle"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Chavez's Venezuela on Pictures

Christopher Columbus Statue beign destroyed by "Chavistas"

Chavez Supporters' Rally

Opposition Rally

Prepared to attack opposition march

Person attacked by the National Guard

This place is not related to Cuba

Chavez Supporter beign armed

Gathered from many sources. Special Thanks to Eduardo and Ovario from the forum section of Noticiero Digital

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Venezuela opposition group call for a "Constitutional Insurrection"

The Venezuela opposition group Comando Nacional de la Resistencia (CNR) has announced today they will send a judiciary demand to annul the recent petition of constitutional reform presented by Chavez and the subsequent referendum call.

In voice of a constitutional lawyer, member of CNR and a former member of the National Constitutional Assembly that discuss and create the 1999, and current Venezuela constitution; Hermann Escarrá, they will not collaborate to legitimate what is a violation of the current constitution and they also will not support the current National Electoral Council "They are a Chavez's Electoral Council".

In an event that took place today in Caracas, this opposition group announced today the start of a "Civilian Insurrection" against Chavez Regime.

I'm not friend of polls, but in the last month, three different polls from different statistical companies show that this constitutional reform are disapproved by 60% - 80% of Venezuelans that also say this is a way to Chavez for legitimate a Dictatorship Marxist-Leninist regime in Venezuela.

In this new constitutional reform, Chavez propose to creation of National Militias, use the word "Anti-Imperialism", give all the power to himself, eliminate the Market Economic System, Control the Monetary Reserves, Chavez will has the power to dissolve the National Assembly, total control of the "Bolivarian Army Forces", has the power to creat and unlimited number of vice-presidents, create special military zones under his command and he already has created the Committee's for the Defense of the Constitutional Reform, under the same structure of the Cuban's Committee's for the Defense of the Revolutions (CDR), in other words, terrorist Hezbollah look alike groups to "pulverize" everyone that is against him as he just said some days ago.

Chavez regime has today total control of the National Electoral Council, the Judiciary System, the National Assembly, 20 of 24 states, the Intelligence Agency, Metropolitan Police, Caracas Mayor Municipality, almost all the National Army Forces, all local energy and oil companies, the mayor Telecom Service Provider Company, almost all the TV & radio station...

added on September 2nd:

Video of the reunion, courtesy of Plasmatico in Tu.TV Hispavista