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Monday, August 13, 2007

Venezuela: Public Drivers on a Sudden Strike

Capital of Venezuela awoke with the public drivers from the municipality of Sucre (at the very east of the City) on a sudden strike. They have blocked the traffic on a road distributor (Distribudor Metropolitano) at the zone known as Terrazas del Avila and Petare Redoma.

They decided to do this protest for the assassination of 2 co-workers last Friday. They also say to be victims of about 25 daily holdups. They are asking the presence of authorities from Miranda State Government and the Ministry of People's Power of Interior and Justice to take action against those problems.

The protest is guarded by military forces and few police officers.

Protesters also are saying the insecurity problems had started as result of a high increment of armed gangs on the zone.

That's quite not ok as the Mayor of Caracas ruled about the law enforcement officer presence on the street saying at every protest the first group to came and take action would be the municipality police, next the Metropolitan Police, and next, it thing get out of control the army forces, but this looks like the Government sent the army forces first.

The protest are reported by a local radio (Union Radio) and Globovision

Last Wednesday public drivers (including taxi drivers) from Margarita Island make a strike by stopping all their activities for that day.

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