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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Politics: Mystery Money Involving Chavez / Argentina Government

On the latest visit of President Chavez to Argentina last weekend, some interesting caught the attention of everybody.

On early morning of last Saturday, a mystery private plane arrived to an airport in Argentina, and some of the persons (Venezuelan citizen) inside the airplane was carrying a suitcase with US$ 800.000,00 non-declared at customs.

Today, Argentina's Justice has confirmed the name of the persons inside this airplane.

  1. The person carrying the suitcase respond to the name of Wilson Antonini.
  2. One of the passengers is Claudio Uberti, Argentinian, the same name of a functionary of the Argentina Ministry of Federal Planning who works as an Inspector of the freeways regulator entity (OCCOVI).
  3. Other passengers names are Victoria Bereziuk, Exequiel Espinosa, Wilfredo Avila, Ruth Behrends, Nelly Cardozo and Daniel Uzcateguy. Tripulants: Daniel Pucciarelli and Gerardo Sanchez.
  4. Another person are under investigation for being connected to the persons in the airplane, this is an entrepreneur named Mr. Julio De Vido, a near man to Chavez Regime and currently the Ministry of Federal Planning (Mr. Uberti, by the way, is the right hand of the Ministry).
The guy who was carrying the suitcase was stopped trying to bluff the airport customs control, but he wasn't detained.

There are some interesting facts about these guys; Mr. Uberti was present on every single agreements made by Argentina Government with Hugo Chavez, actually is like an Argentina's Government Delegate to Venezuela - Argentina agreements. And Ministry De Vido is the person behind all contacts of Argentina's government with Venezuela. This guy, Uberti has another legal process on Argentina. There rest of the persons are PDVSA functionaries.

About the guy carrying the suitcase, Wilson Guido Alejandro Antonini, is a Venezuelan citizen who has or had the US Residency (as he is register for vote in the Venezuelan electoral processes at the Venezuela Consulate in Miami). He is one of the partners of the Venezuela Oil Company VENOCO, together with Carlos Kauffmann, a well known entrepreneur near man of Chavez Regime, with supposed accusations on traffic of influences and money laundry. Other partners in the company Franklin Durán, Antonio Pardo, Alejandro Pulgar. Mr. Kauffmann has an Helicopter based on the Caracas Military Based La Carlota (and also has plenty of airplanes).

These "knock around guys" had participated in the Gumball 2006 event as we could see on this picture:

On this site you could check more information: http://www.gumball3000.ro/2007/page4.php

Another thing, on the OCCOVI payroll list you have one interesting name: Victoria Bereziuk. And on a press note released by the Press Department of the Palace of Government from Venezuela on October 22, 2004 about some meeting with a delegation from Argentina's government, could you guess the names of the members of this delegation.... ....yes they are Ministry De Vido, among with Guillermo Moreno, Claudio Uberti, Exequiel Espinosa, Javier Urquiza and Claudio Chippi.

This story is based on an article released by the Argentinian newspaper EL DIA, online edition, where you could also check that this is not the only strange money finding, there are another 2 stories, involving former functionaries of the current Argentina Government.

I was wondering if those US$ 800.000,00 wouldn't Chavez have destinated to support the Presidential candidacy of the current Argentina First Lady, Christina de Kirchner.(1)

Added on August 09:

The Ministry of Planning from Argentina asked Mr. Claudio Uberti the resing as the President of OCCAVI after the insident in the airplane with the hidden US$ 800.000 . So it is confirmed he was the guy on the plane.


(1) Just a spicy sarcastic question as Chavez always mess in every single Presidential Election.

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Paula Raimondi said...

Yes Eduardo, you are right, and is VERY INTRESTING, Victoria Bereziuk (I think is with "z" not with "s"), has a salary in the OCCOVI, and MORE INTERESTING she also is a secretary there. And if you see all the OCOVI payroll, you also will find that you are correct Claudio Uberti is the director in the OCCOVI and SHOWY he also has a salary. One question: Who pays your salary ???

Edoardo Sez said...

I'm working outsourcing.

Miguel Urina said...

Do you know that the money that was found in Argentina was only a part of the money that Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is sending to the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) as a part of the negotiations for Ingrid Betancourt's liberation?????.
If Hugo Chavez Frias could arrange with the FARC Betancourt's freedom, then he could help she as a new president candidate in Colombia and get one more "dependent president" in South America to became the Mercosur monarch and continue his fight to the US.
Te money sent via Argentina has a Colombian final destination, via Argentina >> Uruguay >> Bolivia >> Colombia, and the carrier was Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, a well known arms dealer based in Miami strongly related to the FARC.
Why nobody investigate for similar money routes between this South American countries that has it's origin in Caracas and ends in Colombia (FARC)??????