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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Venezuela: Oil Industry Workers on Strike this Monday

Workers from the Oil Industry in Venezuela has announced a strike starting this Monday, August 6th. They said will stop all the activities and also will take control of the administration building in the city of Maracaibo. They will do this to express their disagree about the latest negotiations of the collective recruiting.

Juan Cahuao, secretary of the union of bolivarian oil workers from PDVSA, said the management has taken a position against the workers and also the union. They gave a term of one week to the management find out a solution of this dispute.

"Next Monday august 6th the oil industry workers are going to say to the country that all the Ministry and José Luis Prada have been saying about nothing is happening, everything is calm, is over..."
Finally they said the management of the Oil Industry are planning to fire up to 1.500 employees at the same time they are discussing about a collective recruiting agreement.

This information in based on information gathered from El Nacional and Globovision.

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