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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Venezuela: Former Coupist Friend of Chavez Willing to Head and Armed Fight against Him

Cl. (retired) Yoel Acosta Chirinos, a former friend of Chavez who help him on February 4th 1992 coup d'état expressed yesterday August 15, on a TV show strong critics against Chavez regime and the new constitution reform.

This video is from a TV show called "Mar de Fondo" from Anzoategui State TV Channel Orbita Tv.

The video starts with a question made by the host reporter:

Host: "But you are saying you are willing to do everything that would be necessary to stop this constitutional reform?"

Cl. Acosta Chirinos: "Yes, of course"

Host: "But you are willing to seize the weapons again to stop this reform"

Cl. Acosta Chirinos: "if it's necessary to do that, if it's necessary to do that, I will do it".

I don't know If this former closed friend of Chavez are saying the true, or this is just another "Red Cape" made by Chavez Regime.

Cl. Yoel Acosta Chirinos was a Governor of Falcón State, support by Chavez himself. Also Cl. Acosta Chirinos was a founder of MBR-200 a sort of political movement which Chavez made the coup against President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992, and some years later changed it to political party named Fifth Republic Movement (MVR), that now Chavez dissolved to create the extremist socialist group PSUV (Socialist United Party from Venezuela).

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