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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Venezuela: Pro-Chavez Deputy Headed a Brutal Aggression Against Journalists

Glen Rivas, deputy from Miranda State Parliament from Chavez Regime approached with a "red gang" to a Tribunal where some journalists were present to cover the assistance of members from opposition group Comité Nacional de la Resistencia (CNR - National Council of the Resistance). Immediately they started a brutal aggression to the members of this opposition organization and, also, the reporters from RCTV International TV station, RCR radio station, El Nacional newspaper and ABN press. The following video is taken from YouTube and is from the TV Station Globovision reporting the attacked.

One of the reporters attacked is PREGNANT and those radicals, extremist Chavez supporters didn't care about her condition. There are 12 people injured, including a reporter from a public (state controlled) press Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN).

Police officers from Miranda State (controlled by Chavez) were present but they didn't do something.

Reporters and member of CNR already start legal action (including International as in Venezuela there is no justice).

Oscar Pérez, member from this opposition group denounced there was and attempt to assassinate the RCTV camera man and said on a RCTV politic talk show that they will take legal actions, including a formal accusation of Homicide Attempt.

Oscar Pérez also said this deputy "knows to much" about an explosion that took place on Miranda State Parliament some time ago. "He knows about bombs".

added on August 25:

Although there is the proof, there is the video where you can see Deputy Rivas call for attack the reporters he is denying everything.

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