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Monday, August 6, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez teased Jews in Argentina

Today, Lt Cl. Hugo Chavez started a new tour around Latin America arriving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Starting his speech he said "Don't get angry... ...it is bad for your health".

That was the response Chavez gave to the strong critics against Chavez presence on Argentina, specially from the Jew Community upset with the approach of Chavez to Iran's regime.

Chavez will meet with Argentine president, Nestor Kirchner, and is considering the purchase of local debt bonds worth one billion dollars, while more people, specially childs, are dying from hunger in the streets of Venezuela. Some of them enter to malls, then to fast food places and go around each table asking for some food (I am witness of this).

"Don't get angry, don't be upset, don't be angry, it is bad for your health. There them!"
Hugo Chavez
Check Video here:

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