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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez Let Glimpse Rumours Could be True

Today, on his TV program "Alo Presidente!", Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez could had just confirmed those rumours about uneasiness between Military forces and the possibility of a subversion on The National Guard are true.

The conspiracy has already begun. The messages are circulating in the barracks. The hand of the CIA, the empire, is behind this... ...They are trying for a coup.

Chavez also said Venezuela will purchase thousands of Russian-made semiautomatic rifles with telescopic sights as part of preparations for a possible guerrilla-style war against the United States. He warned U.S. soldiers that they would become targets if the United States were to invade.

So, this could be 2 things:

  1. The rumours are true, National Guard soldiers are upset for the latest announce on changes on the National Constitution, the change on the structure of Military Forces for a guerrilla style structure and also for the upcoming creation of Popular Bolivarian Militias, that, according to US government it could be designated as terrorist group, or
  2. This is just a big smoke screen tactically made by Chavez to cover up the Suit-Gate scandal and to create a sort of instability that make impact on oil prices. Remember he is a Lieutenant Colonel.
But the fact he said that just today about US government has sending messages to Military Forces to provoke a coup in Venezuela are clear fact that those rumours are something.

Additional information about Chavez speech on FoxNews.

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