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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez Announce the creation of MILITIAS

August 15, 7:15pm

Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez is addressing right now to National Assembly regarding the new constitution he wants to Venezuela.

I will be posted the most interesting issues of the speech. At the moment is just the salutations.

  • 7:30pm "This is the most advanced constitution in the entire Universal World"
  • 7:40pm "No one could be available to change this constitution..."
  • 7:42pm "Today we will re-open the debate of 1999..."
  • 7:45pm 1st deviation on speech, now comment on Simón Bolivar biography.
  • 7:48pm Deviation on the deviation, commenting about Bonaparte.
  • 7:53pm Start rising his voice, another deviation, talking about Francisco de Miranda
  • 7:59pm 3rd deviation, more about and Bolivar and Conservatives.
  • 8:01pm Now talking as he was Boliver himself.
  • 8:02pm "I don't think, in any country on this World, there is a Democracy like ours, no way"
  • 8:03pm 4th deviation on speech, talking the history of his regime, including April 11, 2002
  • 8:05pm Finally he said he is going to enter to the subject.
  • 8:10pm 5th deviation, talking about the changes in 1999.

  • 8:12pm 6th deviation, speaking about Bolivia.
  • 8:18pm Start naming the articles to be changed, article 11 about Venezuela Geographical Space.
  • 8:24pm "We are delimited at the front with the Antilles, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and still yet, unfortunately, USA"
  • 8:26pm speaking about the Caribbean Sea delimitation, almost stepping the ABC's (Aruba, Curazao y Bonaire".
  • 8:27pm "The President could established, SPECIAL MILITARY TERRITORIES FOR THE DEFENSE"
  • 8:29pm "We could create Artificial Islands in our sea territory"
  • 8:30pm Article 16. Apparently the big deal.
  • 8:34pm 7th deviation.
  • 8:35pm "I propose..."
  • 8:36pm 8th deviation, speaking about Granchi and the "Superstructure"
  • 8:41pm Change in the article "marine zones", the Great Mayor status in Caracas will be eliminate. Some changes on the status of the island in the Caribbean Sea of Venezuela.
  • 8:45pm "Insular Districts" will be created among with "Federal Municipalities"
  • 8:51pm Another deviation, rising voice against opposition mayors, governors.
  • 8:52pm Back to Bolivar biography.
  • 8:53pm " the political revolutionary unity will be the city" ???
  • 8:55pm "Al the people's settlement will be cities", so villages, towns, barrios, will be cities. The term "Communes" will be created.
  • 8:57pm "the communes will be the cells of the community..."
  • 9:00pm "It would be like COFEDERATIONS..."
  • 9:01pm "the President could be available to creat Functional Districts, Federal Municipality and Federal Cities"... ... eh, like in the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China.
  • 9:12pm President has just said to bad words, non permit by the law.
  • 9:21pm Some states could be reunite on a Federal Zone, and this zone would be controlled by a Vice-President designed by Chavez.
  • 9:23pm "Metropolitan term is Colonialism"
  • 9:27pm 2 articles, 2 hours.....
  • 9:29pm "At some point I think to change the capital city... ....but Caracas is Caracas"
  • 9:31pm Changes on Caracas Status. Now it would be "Guaraira Repano"(1)
  • 9:34pm Article 70 Now with the World Socialism spread all over the constitution. Added "People's Powers Counils", "Companies of Socialist Property".
  • 9:37pm "People voted for candidate Chavez when he talk about Socialism", lie, he never talk about socialism back in 1998, just the last year.
  • 9:39pm Another deviation about the Bourgeoisie.
  • 9:42pm Another deviation, naming Montesquieu
  • 9:43pm "That never exist, neven in the Yugoslav socialism", about some new term "Cooperative of Commune Property.
  • 9:47pm Now making jokes with the Ministries, "It is like a Guerilla Column".
  • 9:49pm Article 50 "working hours will be no more than 6 daily and 32 weekly, they won't be work for extra hours".
  • 9:55pm Article 100. but first another deviation "We, in Latin America, are one Nation"
  • 9:58pm. Change about indigenous tribes, cultural workers. Another populism rule to try to keep some support.
  • 10:00pm Article 112. Economics. "Independent Economics founding in the COMMUNES interest, rather that individuals...", so this would be a formal way to say COMMUNISM. Mix properties, properties that would be owned both by the private sector and the government. So, what the hell is this.... My house would still mine, but also to the Government.
  • 10:09pm Article 115 "All kind of properties would be recognized and guaranteed". Commune property, People's property, Social property.
  • 10:11pm "PDVSA is a Social property, it is from everyone", so if PDVSA is for everyone, why the opposition couldn't march to PDVSA building in Caracas?.
  • 10:17pm Creation of "Committees of Defense of the Revolution", exactly like Cuba.
  • 10:20pm "Every property could be expropriated and the State will pay, but it can take all the goods immediately".
  • 10:25pm Article 136, structuring the Communism. Creation of Commune Power.
  • 10:29pm Article 141, inclusion of the Bolivarian Missions in the constitution.
  • 10:32pm Article 158 "Participation of the people giving them power to form the socialist democracy".
  • 10:37pm More crazy talk.
  • 10:39pm Building, construction would take charge directly by the people through the commune power, not hiring experts from other countries.
  • 10:41pm "Socialist Moral" ???????????????????????????
  • 10:42pm Article 184, creation of Commune Councils that will control the communities. Social, Social, Social. Creation of local judges in the communities so they will ruled themselves.
  • 10:50pm Back to territorial division subject.
  • 10:52pm Article 230, the presidential term is 7 years and could be re-elected indefinitely.
  • 10:52pm All deputies applauding.
  • 10:56pm Naming other changes in other articles but not speaking about them.
  • 10:57pm Article 300, Socialist Economy, no more Market Economy.
  • 10:58pm About oil industry and others, exploration and mining, all to take control by the government. All liquid, solid, and gas hydrocarbons.
  • 11:00pm Again, comparing with Bolivar
  • 11:05pm Another deviation, He still continue giving money to foreign countries.
  • 11:07pm "They will never get back to govern this country again".
  • 11:10pm Large estate forbidden, All estates not used will be expropiated.
  • 11:11pm Central Bank of Venezuela will be under control of Chavez regime.
  • 11:21pm The President will manage the International Reserves.
  • 11:28pm Article 328. Changes on Army Forces. "Bolivarian Army Forces is ..... what a surprise, deviation on the speech.
I start getting asleep

  • 11:33pm Explaining how to drive a tank
  • 11:35pm "The Bolivarian Army Forces would be Patriotic, Popular and Antiimperialist"
  • 11:38pm Explaining war tactics.
  • 11:41pm "Bolivarian Army Forces will support the RESISTANCE POPULIST WAR"
  • 11:46pm Unbelievable, this guy is completely insane.
  • 11:48pm Article 329. Division of the Army Forces on 5 components, Bolivarian Aviation, Bolivarian Naval, Bolivarian Justice, Bolivarian Territorial Division, and other bullshit.
  • 11:52pm The reserves will be changed to POPULAR BOLIVARIAN MILITIAS
  • 11:55pm National Guard would be changed to Territorial Guard and will has absolute power. Also they will support and train the new Venezuelan Terrorist Group Called POPULAR BOLIVARIAN MILITIAS.
  • 12:00am Conclusion of the speech. Starting the most Savage, Outrageous Totalitarian Regime Venezuela has ever had.
(1) Guaraira Repano is the name that Indigenous used to call Avila Mountain.

Picture courtesy of Presidential Press, Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI)

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