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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Venezuela: 550 tourists evacuated after mechanical problem on cable car

Last Thursday an incident occurred in the cable car system of Mérida State in Venezuela, the longest and highest of all cable car systems and registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

A mechanical malfunction was reported between the stations La Aguada and Loma Redonda the was a motive for operators to start an immediate evacuation of 550 tourists, Thursday afternoon.

The problem started on a link from the device that was moving a car with 40 persons on it. Another group of 40 persons from another car was kept hold at the same point. The malfunction was detected at right time by the operators.

The 80 tourist was kept hold from about 6 hours until 7 o'clock inside the cars while the malfunction was repaired. The rest of the persons visiting this mayor tourist attraction was took out using the load car.

Some persons reported some of the tourist turned into panic and shock about this incident. after that, the normality return to this attraction.

The Mérida Cable Car System, among with Avila Mountain Cable Car System in Caracas was taken under control by Hugo Chavez regime with no previous notice and broken the law as, the company managing the Avila cable car system has a concession with 20 years remaining. The Avila cable car system was closed after the government tool control of it.

About the Mérida cable car incident, some expert reported that it could be possible the managers didn't complete the maintenance labours.

The Mérida cable car system has about 12.5 km (7.76 miles).

The official site of the Mérida Cable Car System.

Additional information about the incident on Venezolanos en Linea (Spanish)

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