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Monday, August 13, 2007

Politics: The Suit-Gate

Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, the guy who was carrying USD $790.550 non-declared in Argentina at the same time Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez was visiting that country is vanished in United States, while business partners and friends avoid the press.

According to Leonardo Mindez from an Argentinean newspapers (El Clarín), this person who has been living in Key Biscayne, Florida reported to the Department of the State of Florida a change in the directory of one of his companies, Foxdelta Investments and now he appeared as Vice-President, and President, Franklin Durán, his partner on Gumball 3000.

At Durán's big house on Key Biscayne was parked the Ferrari 360 Spider F1 showed at the 2006 Gumball rally, an illegal rally that took place on Europe and each competitor must to pay USD$ 56.000 to participate.

The reporter receive a respond from the voice speaker at the front door, when the reporter ask for Mr. Durán, the voice said "he is not... he doesn't live here". Then a kid who takes care on Mr. Durán's cars said, "I told you he doesn't live here, this is the resident of a Russian name Skrim."

Then, 2 hours later a maidservant came in and said "How you know Mr- Durán lives here, family Hernández lives here...".

Another hour later and finally, Mr. Durán showed up, among with his brother and son. They took a Chevrolet Impala car and leave the place, but first, Mr Durán said "Antonini lives at Ocean Club".

In that place anybody respond at the apartment 301, property of Antonini, the phone number now come up with a fax signal, and in the phone number of one of his business partners, the voice machine was change to "No, I'm not Abad, I have his cellphone for the weekend, I know nothing".

This is happening ate the same time, one Venezuelan journalist, Leocenis García has denounced that the $800.00 are property of Rafaél Ramirez, another journalist who was mysteriously detained by Venezuelan authorities on a restaurant in Caracas, after catching a video recording who Ramirez could be seen with other persons making some strange business, apparently for some information regarding Hugo Chavez regime. It is important to say that all of these journalist have persons working as "sources of investigation" to get some information they after make public on newspapers.

This story is getting very weird each time. If you check a previous article on this blog about this story, you could see a comment post by some person saying that the destiny of that money was the terrorist group FARC in Colombia as a part of some negotiation Chavez has been doing to release Ingrid Betancourt, a former Colombian presidential candidate who is being captive by this group. Another journalist from Venezuela, Patricia Poleo and according to her sources, said some weeks ago that Ingrid Betancourt is in Venezuela and Chavez is planning her release.

Definitely, this story are getting as weird as the J.J. Abrams untitled movie project. In Venezuela and Argentina people start naming this story as the "SUIT-GATE" (Maletín-Gate in Spanish).


The plane with the money apparently took off from ramp number 4 at Simon Bolivar International Airport, Maiquetia, Venezuela (the same ramp where people from the airport has been denouncing arriving of flights from Teheran and Cuba carried with people without ID's and mysterious wooden boxes, and it also the PRESIDENTIAL RAMP) with the complicity of the manager of the Airport's customs officer
Marianela Martínez Yegres.

Guido Antonini Wilson is also President of
Intertel Telecom and Tech Milk Inc, both companies founded in USA, and VP of the oil company Venoco in Venezuela.

added August 14:
Argentinean Prosecutor Luz Rivas Diez
has just issuing an International Detention Order against Guido Antonini Wilson.

In the picture below you can see Mr. Antonini (in the middle) with a Venezuela Governor (Johnny Yanez Rangel, Governos of Cojedes State) at the left.

The man behind the suit-gate scandal was 2 times on Uruguay this year, on a Hotel reserved and paid by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA).
Source: AmbitoWeb

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