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Monday, August 20, 2007

Politics: Confirmed Connection Chavez/Suit-Gate

An Argentinean TV station, America TV, has revealed, on a special TV program, declarations from the officers that stopped Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson on an Airport in Buenos Aires (carrying almost USD$ 800.000 non-declared) and gave to the Argentina Prosecutor Luz Rivas Diez. According to Daniel Ingrosso, an airport police security officer, Mr. Antonini had confessed having a meeting with Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez where he was informed about the flight to Argentina.
Antonini Wilson said he had no time to gathered winter clothes because when he arrived to Caracas, from Miami, he had to go to a meeting with President Chavez and there he was advised about the flight.
Judge Marta Novatti set a National and International detention order against this Venezuelan entrepreneur who is running away in United States. DEA is already on the investigation and frozen all bank accounts from this person. FBI is waiting for the captured order.

After arrived to Argentina with the money, Alejandro Antonini went to Montevideo, Uruguay and then to Miami.

By the way, he and his partners
Franklin Durán, Pedro Durán and Carlos Kauffman are carrying badges from the Venezuelan Intelligence Agency DISIP

added on August 21:

Mr. Antonini has a company in Venezuela who deals with weapons. The name of the company is
Defensa y Tecnología, and is related to Chavez regime. In 2002, a Venezuelan prosecutor issued a prospection order to another company related to Antonini and located on C.C.C.T mall in Caracas Venezuela, inside the store of this company named Ruibal y Durán were found some machine guns imported by Defensa y Tecnología and gave to Cojedes State Police.

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