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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Politics: Chavez Provokes Commotion on ABC Islands

The last announce of Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez to reform the National Constitution and introduce the Marine Territorial figure, with everything up to 200 sea miles at north border belonging to Venezuela has provoked commotion and angry on Dutch Islands Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire (the ABC's) because their proximity to Venezuela (Only 40 miles approached).
The Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez cannot come to the Antilles and Aruba, he must let clear that he cannot unilaterally move sea borders to incorporate Kingdom area. If Chavez want to use army forces, then Minister Maxime Verhagen(1) should also be up to move military forces as response.
This was expressed by Dutch parliament member Hans van Baalen (VVD) during a press meeting on Dutch Parliament. Van Baalen emphasised that "Chavez should let his hands out of our Falklands''. Verhagen assumed, however, that Venezuela will continue to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Dutch Kingdom as a good neighbour, thus he let know Monday. He also ask Dutch ambassador in Venezuela to commissioned Venezuelan authorities to ask an explanation.
Source: Radio Netherlands Worlwide: Antillen/Aruba (Dutch. Translated by myself)

La Prensa newspaper from Curaçao refers this as "Wake up Call" on and article by Bob Harms titled "Chavez and our sovereignty".

Recent declaration of President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, that Venezuela will considered to take everything up to 200 miles of their cost as part of their integral territory, serve to us as a "wake up call". And beyond that, it serves as a warn to us to stop thinking on what we own and start thinking as sovereign people, and not as colony either from the Netherlands or Venezuela.
La Prensa Curaçao, Online Edition (Papiamentu. Translated by myself)

(1) Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Chavez should quit provoking others if he wants to keep his residency in Venezuela. IF we get fed up with him, we will retaliate and export his butt to Cuba or any other corrupt communist country.