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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Politics: Chavez admited his regime is "Violent" and "Explosive"

Today on a flamboyant, populist, ridiculous circus act of Hugo Chavez new political party PSUV, the dictator has just said

I'm going to change the color of the book from blue to red, the entire constitution will be red from top to bottom.

And that's not the only pompous bizarre crazy thing he said (emulating a Bonaparte mad guy if you ask me). He also said:

The only political factor capable of conduct a HURRICANE, VIOLENT AND EXPLOSIVE process is here inside the Poliedro
Poliedro is a popular place on Caracas, regularly used to performing acts, concerts, shows and other events, it is like the Madison Square Garden of Venezuela.

Also Hugo Chavez used the word "pulverize" to express what he is going to do with the opponents in Venezuela.

This crazy Nazi-like event was called "National Assembly of Socialist Battalions". Always thinking as military, always expressing himself using violent speech, and more warlike than any republican US government that I can recall. "Don't forget that oligarchs of trashes" also said Chavez in the most otrageous , lack of lithium speeches that we could here of Chavez.

This happened just a day after former President, Vice-President, Justice affairs ministry and current Miranda State governor, Diosdado Cabello (next to found an airline company among his brother) said that only Chavez should be in the presidency and need to stay forever and everybody that doesn't like Chavez or doesn't like the process should go away from Venezuela.

An I have "Psychotic dissociation" according to Vheadline's writers Carlos Pietri.

By the way, Vheadline is not the only "red from top to bottom" site dedicated to write news about Venezuela with US citizen as target, There is also Venezuelanalysis, so you are warned to not follow those sites. The best site to read articles about Venezuela is VCrisis and the for the latest news you could check the English section of El Universal newspaper, online edition, the most popular and read newspaper in Venezuela.

Source of information about the crazy Chavez speech UnionRadio.

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