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Friday, August 17, 2007

Politics: Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

Ok, I don't want to write down all rumours about each subject I heard every day. But this night of August 17 the rumours about the death of Fidel Castro are strong enough that motivate me to write this post.

Specially in Venezuela and Miami the rumours are everywhere, some sites on Internet are commenting this. EVEN PEREZ HILTON!

I've been checking Cubavision International just in case but nothing yet.

One of the sites commenting the health status of Fidel Castro is
According to Javier Oyarzabal, information from Cuban sources Fidel Castro health status is on "Final Phase" and even, he could be dead. Also, according to those sources, 4 military soldiers has been apprehended for investigate the health status of Fidel Castro.

added on august 19:

Chavez in his today's TV show start saying "Fidel Castro is well alive". So with this, the possibilities that he is lying are stronger, also with the fact that Fidel is already dead. Exactly when he said "Vladimiro Montesinos is not in Venezuela", turn was he indeed was in Venezuela.

Other Rumours in Venezuela:

Regarding Venezuela, since last night there are rumours about some strange movements in some military bases, apparently yesterday August 16, there was a sort of subversion on Military base Nº51 in Paraiso area in Caracas, among with another one in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui State. Another report says there was some tanks moving on Tazón area, outside Caracas. Nothing confirmed yet.

added on August 18:

There are reports about some tanks seen in Valencia in Carabobo State. All rumours about this are pointing on some kind of uneasiness among National Guard members because the announce of Chavez to change the structure of the Army Forces in Venezuela, the change of National Guard title for Territorial Bolivarian Guard, and the creation of Militias. Apparently there are 20 soldiers apprehended, but I don't have confirmation on any of this. It's supposed that in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui State, Military Airbase is closed to any member of military forces and workers, only Cuban and Russian military soldiers get access, and they are preparing Sukhoi airplanes.

Chavez explaining the new political territorial division to Military Commanders

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