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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hugo Chavez Could Have Serious Back Problem

According to the columnist Miguel Salazar from Venezuelan weekly publication "Las Verdades de Miguel" Chavez has a serious back problem and he refuse to go under surgery.

Apparently Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez (as I refuse to call him President, based on article 350 of Venezuelan Constitution) has a terrible disease that could be controlled only if he went under surgery. At the moment he receive strong pain reliever and this could explain his bad humour. Also he doesn't want to go under surgery because the whole officialism movement (Chavismo) is under a crisis, and an example of this are the frequently fights between the MVR (now PSUV) party members and PODEMOS members. Also there are strong struggles between the Governor of Anzoategui State, a former Assembly Deputy an a strong Chavez supporter, Tarek William Saab, and some mayors of that state.

At the end, if he decide to go under surgery, it would be take a total control over a Hospital at least for one month.

Chavez could had been suffering from these disease for a long time ago, and this has been affecting his mood, and consequently his political decisions. The disease could involve a severe injured on the cervical, that needs a surgery procedure and at least 30 days of rest.

There are worry among the very closer ones to the President for each day passing through. The treatment has becoming more painful, and he needs more analgesic doses to relieve the pain.
Now the problem is that he doesn't want to go outside Venezuela for the surgery and he is not sure about how could his body respond to that surgery. Also, according to this journalist the thing that keep Chavez picky is the division on his team. Apparently there are 5 groups; one group are next to the current Miranda State Governor and former Vice-President Diosdado Cabello (some lady that used to work with him said "if you think Chavez is mean you don't know Diosdado Cabello!"); another group are next to the current Ministry of People's Power for Interior and Justice Affair, Pedro Carreño; another group that came from the leadership of the National Assembly and support the former National Assembly President, Nicolas Maduro (current Foreign Affairs Ministry) and the current president of the National Assembly, Cilia Flores (Maduro's wife); a fourth group is with the Ministry of Peoples' Power for Planning and Development, Jorge Giordani (one of the few ministries that keeps working with Chavez since the early stages of Chavez Administration) and a fifth group are with the bullies Assembly Deputies, Iris Varela and Luis Tascon.

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