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Friday, August 3, 2007

Chavez admits Venezuela is now part of Cuba

Today, in a ceremony to open some "Bio-supplies Laboratories" for "Integral Agricultural health" in Tachira state, Hugo Chavez said Venezuela and Cuba are one only thing. His exactly words were:

"Today We Venezuelans and Cubans are the same nation. The union has turn us stronger and will turn us even more stronger, the ALBA and we the people from Latin America will continue to get together..."

"Cuba pays this Oil with technology, financial, scientific, medical and health support, this is more valuer than the Oil we send to socialist Cuba, revolutionary Cuba, our sister Cuba..."
Technology?... financial?.... scientific....? How come a country where the primary economical way the people have to survive is the prostitution will know about Technology, Economics, Science and Health (and in this point Michael Moore has to excuse me, I love the guy, but of course if you are Michael Moore and if you are filming a Documentary about the Health Care System of United States, of course they will receive you with palms just like Jesus!). Do you know, HIV drugs from Cuba are terrible, not recommended by any doctor in the whole world?

By the way, Ricardo Alarcon, President of Cuba Parliament was present during this, another show performance from the populist but not socialist Chavez Regime (are you reading this Sean Penn, you are my favorite actor, so please I hope you know what you are doing).

So we, Venezuelan has another one thing to fight for, to recover our Independence.

Some weeks ago, a former Cuban spy said on a Miami Television that Venezuela Island La Orchila is under control of the Cuban Government, there are a strong Cuban Military presence and now is like an Operation Base or Headquarters where they are going to monitored all communications in Venezuela (phone landlines, mobile phones, Internet, wireless communication) and to "help" Chavez regime to avoid that so mentioned by Chavez "attack of the empire". (please Chavez, the war in Iraq in taking so problems and so money for President Bush, sure he is thinking twice to plan another war). And President Bush needs only one thing, eliminate the Venezuelan Oil dependence.

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