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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Suitcase Scandal Man, Antonini Apparently Found in US

Argentinean newspaper La Nacion is reporting that Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, the man of the suitcase with almost $800.000 seized by Argentinean authorities on an Airport, and linked to Chavez regime, was found by FBI in United States, who is waiting for an extradition order from Argentina.

Source of the newspaper are Argentinean police authorities. The Venezuela entrepreneur can't either leave USA or stay out from his house in Miami. An Argentinean Judge is on condition to ask for his extradition.

Federal authorities in United States are waiting for a formal order from Argentina Foreign Minister, in order to proceed with his detention.

Full news report in Spanish here.

According to non-confirmed sources, Mr. Antonini applied for the Protection Witness Program and he is telling the whole story to US Federal Authorities, and involving Venezuelan Bankers and Ministers with the scandal.


Miami FBI speaker Judith Orihuela
was consulted by EFE agency in order to corroborate this information but the functionary just said "I don't know anything about that, I can't confirm that information"

Another Suitcase:

Panama customs authorities seized USD $44.000 non-declared, from a Venezuelan citizen after his arrived at Tocumel International Airport. This person was flying from Dominican Republic, he was carrying the money inside his luggage. His name is
Renzo de Jesús Pérez from Araure Portuguesa state.
Source: EFE. More information on El Universal (english online version)

added on August 30:
Wladimir Abad, a former business partner from the suitcase scandal man, Antonini, has just confessed Antonini has business with Chavez regime. El Clarín

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