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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Venezuela: Several Protests Across Venezuela

The new decision of Chavez Regime to do pressures to the Venezuela's Chamber of Subcription TV Broadcasters (CAVETESU) to shutdown the RCTV International, a Subscription TV version of RCTV on air a couple of weeks ago, if RCTV International doesn't register as national TV broadcast company and subsequently, broadcast Chavez public addresses (that sometimes reaches 10 hours weekly) has provoked lots of people take the streets of Venezuela today to protest against this decision, another illegal action of the dictator Hugo Chavez and his "pals".

From early morning, students from the mayor Universities and Colleges in Caracas took the streets, forming human chains. Also with them, several citizen of the capital approached near
CONATEL, a government institution that controls and makes all the decisions and rules to communication systems, including TV and radio broadcasting. There are information of protests in Las Mercedez, Altamira Square (popular zones of Caracas) and also in other places of Venezuela. Last Monday at 8:00pm several people assisted the call of an opposition group (Comando Nacional de la Resistencia) to protest making big noise with pans, whistles, horns, and also the S.O.S and alarm siren against Chavez Regime.

Also, this protest mixed with another protests that have been taking place last week from workers of the Oil Industry in Venezuela, and also from people under poor conditions (many of them Chavez supporters and Chavez political party members) that protest against the increase of insecurity, assassinations, raise of prices, lack of groceries in markets, and lack of the promised houses Hugo Chavez did.
That what's happening right now in Venezuela, there are no calm, no good conditions currently in Venezuela, people are angry, people are upset and people are asking Hugo Chavez for a resign.

Information about the protest, check Globovision site

*Added on August 2nd:
The Supreme Court of Justice in Venezuela admit a help resource from the Chamber of Subscription TV broadcaster (CAVETESU) and declared reasonable the precautionary measure that sentence RCTV International continuous to broadcast on subscription TV systems.

So, yeah we made it, all effort from us could turn back the liberty on Venezuela.

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