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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chavez Supporters to confront Opposition Rally in Caracas

The shadow of April 11 took Caracas today as some Chavez supporters has been taking the surrounding area of Petroleos de Venezuela building while a big opposition rally is on development now with the Petroleos de Venezuela building as ending point, just where those Chavez supporters are.

The opposition rally has all the permission, while the Pro-Chavez is just a sudden gathering, but it is probably sure some leaders of Chavez regime called this reunion to confront the rally of the opposition, just like the April 11, 2002 rally.

The opposition political party COPEI called this rally to protest against the corruption on the mayor Venezuela Oil Company and ask for the resign of the current President, Ministry of People's Power for Energy, Rafael Ramirez for the Suit-Gate case.

Chavez supporters have said that they won't permit the pass of the rally into the building area. They are shouting "No Pasarán" ("They won't pass through")

The rally will start on a couple of minutes (12:18pm) and they will walk for 6 blocks from Chacaito to PDVSA building in La Campiña.

The Energy Ministry is right now at the pro-chavez gathering saying the same speech Chavez Regime say

This are going on the same way of the protests of April 11, 2002.

Early this day, police force (DISIP) found 2 black suitcases abandoned near the PDVSA building. According to this under Chavez control police forces, the suitcases have some wired system.

What a coincidence Caracas subway system is closed for a supposed Power System Failure?

Also today, at 6:00pm Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez will present at the National Assembly the new constitution he want for Venezuela, a constitution with the same structure of Cuba and the extinct Soviet Union.


  • Ministry Ramirez is calling his followers to go to the National Assembly
  • Ministry Ramirez just said "We are here on combat attitude".
  • Pictures of the opposition rally (called "Maletinazo") they are marching with suitcases:
added at 1:55pm:
  • Opposition party COPEI has decided to stay in Plaza Brion on Chacaito and not go with the rally until PDVSA building to avoid confrontation with Chavez supporters. This is the same tactic Chavez regime has implementing over recent years to stop opposition protests.
This is a clear fact that Venezuela is not for everyone, it is just for Chavez and his gangs

Pictures courtesy of Ovario

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