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Friday, August 31, 2007

Back again: Fidel Castro death rumours

A venezuelan investigative journalist, one of the most popular and respected ones in Venezuela, Patricia Poleo, daughter of Rafael Poleo, another highlighted Venezuela journalist, both chased by President Carlos Andrés Pérez, and now by Chavez regime has just published on her column on El Nuevo País, a local newspaper managed by his father that the announcement of Fidel Castro death could be made this weekend.

According to her, all is already planned and that was the reason Chavez suspended his travel to Africa.
But I just have a question. Is she sure about her sources?, because I think there could be the possibility that Chavez regime put some insiders (or bought some sources) to create untrue stories and provoke those investigative journalists follow that threat and not other real threats, as, for example the links between Chavez and the Suitcase scandals.

added on September 1st:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States suggested Monday that the latest round of rumours of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's death might have been started by the government.

"I would say that the Cuban government has always been very good at stirring the nest whenever they felt the need to," said Gonzo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman.

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