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Friday, August 31, 2007

Back again: Fidel Castro death rumours

A venezuelan investigative journalist, one of the most popular and respected ones in Venezuela, Patricia Poleo, daughter of Rafael Poleo, another highlighted Venezuela journalist, both chased by President Carlos Andrés Pérez, and now by Chavez regime has just published on her column on El Nuevo País, a local newspaper managed by his father that the announcement of Fidel Castro death could be made this weekend.

According to her, all is already planned and that was the reason Chavez suspended his travel to Africa.
But I just have a question. Is she sure about her sources?, because I think there could be the possibility that Chavez regime put some insiders (or bought some sources) to create untrue stories and provoke those investigative journalists follow that threat and not other real threats, as, for example the links between Chavez and the Suitcase scandals.

added on September 1st:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States suggested Monday that the latest round of rumours of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's death might have been started by the government.

"I would say that the Cuban government has always been very good at stirring the nest whenever they felt the need to," said Gonzo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chavez Regime Wants to Control SMS and MMS Services

The Ministry of People's Power for Telecom Jesse Chacon has announced the government has a plan to regulate the text and multimedia message services from the mobile companies (SMS and MMS).

The former coupist said that the use of those services has been increased in the last years, and they will regulate them to, according to Chavez regime, protect the users. He didn't explain in wich way they will control those services that have been helping Venezuelans to communicate each other and spread news and warns during protests, in times of the current dictatorship.

Source: El Universal Online Edition (Spanish)

Ministry Jesse Chacón on 1992 Coup

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Suitcase Scandal Man, Antonini Apparently Found in US

Argentinean newspaper La Nacion is reporting that Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, the man of the suitcase with almost $800.000 seized by Argentinean authorities on an Airport, and linked to Chavez regime, was found by FBI in United States, who is waiting for an extradition order from Argentina.

Source of the newspaper are Argentinean police authorities. The Venezuela entrepreneur can't either leave USA or stay out from his house in Miami. An Argentinean Judge is on condition to ask for his extradition.

Federal authorities in United States are waiting for a formal order from Argentina Foreign Minister, in order to proceed with his detention.

Full news report in Spanish here.

According to non-confirmed sources, Mr. Antonini applied for the Protection Witness Program and he is telling the whole story to US Federal Authorities, and involving Venezuelan Bankers and Ministers with the scandal.


Miami FBI speaker Judith Orihuela
was consulted by EFE agency in order to corroborate this information but the functionary just said "I don't know anything about that, I can't confirm that information"

Another Suitcase:

Panama customs authorities seized USD $44.000 non-declared, from a Venezuelan citizen after his arrived at Tocumel International Airport. This person was flying from Dominican Republic, he was carrying the money inside his luggage. His name is
Renzo de Jesús Pérez from Araure Portuguesa state.
Source: EFE. More information on El Universal (english online version)

added on August 30:
Wladimir Abad, a former business partner from the suitcase scandal man, Antonini, has just confessed Antonini has business with Chavez regime. El Clarín

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chavez Regime Could Be Declared Illegitimate

A group of Venezuelan in the exile (Orvex) (one of many) has published on their website Ruedalo.org that they could make contact with the EU Parliament to present some evidences of electoral fraud in the last Venezuelan presidential elections that could declare Chavez regime as illegitimate.

On Sunday 19 2007, an Italian scientific open a way to contact with EU Parliament President, honorable Dr. Hans-Gert Poettering, and giving him informative material from ORVEX about the situation in Venezuela.

With this first contact, the EU Parliament has opening doors to receive the proof of the continuous electoral fraud in Venezuela. Mr. Poettering received the document from the respected European scientific who has been touched with the political situation in Venezuela, we will keep confidentially his name to protect him.

Mr. Poettering is a person who loves liberty and freedom of expression, and on Sunday 19, 2007, on a speech he pointed out the miseries America Latina has been passing through.

By this way, we want to gathered and present the several proofs about the continuous electoral fraud (Statistics works - Patriotic Front, and the book from Dr. Ana Mercedes
Díaz) at the EU Parliament with the objective that this Parliament declare as illegitimate the government of Lt. Cl. (R) Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.
Last year a group of Professors and Students from 3 Venezuelan Universities presented an study with Informatics and Statistical analysis that demonstrate the electoral fraud on the August 15 2004 recall.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Politics: Chavez admited his regime is "Violent" and "Explosive"

Today on a flamboyant, populist, ridiculous circus act of Hugo Chavez new political party PSUV, the dictator has just said

I'm going to change the color of the book from blue to red, the entire constitution will be red from top to bottom.

And that's not the only pompous bizarre crazy thing he said (emulating a Bonaparte mad guy if you ask me). He also said:

The only political factor capable of conduct a HURRICANE, VIOLENT AND EXPLOSIVE process is here inside the Poliedro
Poliedro is a popular place on Caracas, regularly used to performing acts, concerts, shows and other events, it is like the Madison Square Garden of Venezuela.

Also Hugo Chavez used the word "pulverize" to express what he is going to do with the opponents in Venezuela.

This crazy Nazi-like event was called "National Assembly of Socialist Battalions". Always thinking as military, always expressing himself using violent speech, and more warlike than any republican US government that I can recall. "Don't forget that oligarchs of trashes" also said Chavez in the most otrageous , lack of lithium speeches that we could here of Chavez.

This happened just a day after former President, Vice-President, Justice affairs ministry and current Miranda State governor, Diosdado Cabello (next to found an airline company among his brother) said that only Chavez should be in the presidency and need to stay forever and everybody that doesn't like Chavez or doesn't like the process should go away from Venezuela.

An I have "Psychotic dissociation" according to Vheadline's writers Carlos Pietri.

By the way, Vheadline is not the only "red from top to bottom" site dedicated to write news about Venezuela with US citizen as target, There is also Venezuelanalysis, so you are warned to not follow those sites. The best site to read articles about Venezuela is VCrisis and the for the latest news you could check the English section of El Universal newspaper, online edition, the most popular and read newspaper in Venezuela.

Source of information about the crazy Chavez speech UnionRadio.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Venezuela: Pro-Chavez Deputy Headed a Brutal Aggression Against Journalists

Glen Rivas, deputy from Miranda State Parliament from Chavez Regime approached with a "red gang" to a Tribunal where some journalists were present to cover the assistance of members from opposition group Comité Nacional de la Resistencia (CNR - National Council of the Resistance). Immediately they started a brutal aggression to the members of this opposition organization and, also, the reporters from RCTV International TV station, RCR radio station, El Nacional newspaper and ABN press. The following video is taken from YouTube and is from the TV Station Globovision reporting the attacked.

One of the reporters attacked is PREGNANT and those radicals, extremist Chavez supporters didn't care about her condition. There are 12 people injured, including a reporter from a public (state controlled) press Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN).

Police officers from Miranda State (controlled by Chavez) were present but they didn't do something.

Reporters and member of CNR already start legal action (including International as in Venezuela there is no justice).

Oscar Pérez, member from this opposition group denounced there was and attempt to assassinate the RCTV camera man and said on a RCTV politic talk show that they will take legal actions, including a formal accusation of Homicide Attempt.

Oscar Pérez also said this deputy "knows to much" about an explosion that took place on Miranda State Parliament some time ago. "He knows about bombs".

added on August 25:

Although there is the proof, there is the video where you can see Deputy Rivas call for attack the reporters he is denying everything.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Politics: Chavez Provokes Commotion on ABC Islands

The last announce of Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez to reform the National Constitution and introduce the Marine Territorial figure, with everything up to 200 sea miles at north border belonging to Venezuela has provoked commotion and angry on Dutch Islands Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire (the ABC's) because their proximity to Venezuela (Only 40 miles approached).
The Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez cannot come to the Antilles and Aruba, he must let clear that he cannot unilaterally move sea borders to incorporate Kingdom area. If Chavez want to use army forces, then Minister Maxime Verhagen(1) should also be up to move military forces as response.
This was expressed by Dutch parliament member Hans van Baalen (VVD) during a press meeting on Dutch Parliament. Van Baalen emphasised that "Chavez should let his hands out of our Falklands''. Verhagen assumed, however, that Venezuela will continue to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Dutch Kingdom as a good neighbour, thus he let know Monday. He also ask Dutch ambassador in Venezuela to commissioned Venezuelan authorities to ask an explanation.
Source: Radio Netherlands Worlwide: Antillen/Aruba (Dutch. Translated by myself)

La Prensa newspaper from Curaçao refers this as "Wake up Call" on and article by Bob Harms titled "Chavez and our sovereignty".

Recent declaration of President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, that Venezuela will considered to take everything up to 200 miles of their cost as part of their integral territory, serve to us as a "wake up call". And beyond that, it serves as a warn to us to stop thinking on what we own and start thinking as sovereign people, and not as colony either from the Netherlands or Venezuela.
La Prensa Curaçao, Online Edition (Papiamentu. Translated by myself)

(1) Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Politics: Hugo Chavez use Eartquake Tragedy to make Propaganda in Peru

Only a picture worths thousand words; This is a tuna can that has been giving to people affected in the last earthquake on Peru and is a part of some goods sent by Venezuela regime, but as you can see, it has the picture of Chavez and the former Peru presidential candidate (supporter by Chavez) Oyanta Humala. Also you can see a big "O" in red color that is the symbol of Humala's political party.

Picture of Peruvian Nationalist Party(1)

There are thousand of these tuna cans that has been spreading in the area and is a proof that Hugo Chavez is not socialist, Hugo Chavez doesn't care those people, the only thing he cares about is his image and make politics propaganda. We need to put a stop on this.

Source: El Expreso

The red tunas are coming!

(1) Fair Use on Partido Nacionalista Peruano Logo: Though this image is subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because The image is used as the primary means of visual identification of the article topic.

Politics: Confirmed Connection Chavez/Suit-Gate

An Argentinean TV station, America TV, has revealed, on a special TV program, declarations from the officers that stopped Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson on an Airport in Buenos Aires (carrying almost USD$ 800.000 non-declared) and gave to the Argentina Prosecutor Luz Rivas Diez. According to Daniel Ingrosso, an airport police security officer, Mr. Antonini had confessed having a meeting with Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez where he was informed about the flight to Argentina.
Antonini Wilson said he had no time to gathered winter clothes because when he arrived to Caracas, from Miami, he had to go to a meeting with President Chavez and there he was advised about the flight.
Judge Marta Novatti set a National and International detention order against this Venezuelan entrepreneur who is running away in United States. DEA is already on the investigation and frozen all bank accounts from this person. FBI is waiting for the captured order.

After arrived to Argentina with the money, Alejandro Antonini went to Montevideo, Uruguay and then to Miami.

By the way, he and his partners
Franklin Durán, Pedro Durán and Carlos Kauffman are carrying badges from the Venezuelan Intelligence Agency DISIP

added on August 21:

Mr. Antonini has a company in Venezuela who deals with weapons. The name of the company is
Defensa y Tecnología, and is related to Chavez regime. In 2002, a Venezuelan prosecutor issued a prospection order to another company related to Antonini and located on C.C.C.T mall in Caracas Venezuela, inside the store of this company named Ruibal y Durán were found some machine guns imported by Defensa y Tecnología and gave to Cojedes State Police.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez Let Glimpse Rumours Could be True

Today, on his TV program "Alo Presidente!", Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez could had just confirmed those rumours about uneasiness between Military forces and the possibility of a subversion on The National Guard are true.

The conspiracy has already begun. The messages are circulating in the barracks. The hand of the CIA, the empire, is behind this... ...They are trying for a coup.

Chavez also said Venezuela will purchase thousands of Russian-made semiautomatic rifles with telescopic sights as part of preparations for a possible guerrilla-style war against the United States. He warned U.S. soldiers that they would become targets if the United States were to invade.

So, this could be 2 things:

  1. The rumours are true, National Guard soldiers are upset for the latest announce on changes on the National Constitution, the change on the structure of Military Forces for a guerrilla style structure and also for the upcoming creation of Popular Bolivarian Militias, that, according to US government it could be designated as terrorist group, or
  2. This is just a big smoke screen tactically made by Chavez to cover up the Suit-Gate scandal and to create a sort of instability that make impact on oil prices. Remember he is a Lieutenant Colonel.
But the fact he said that just today about US government has sending messages to Military Forces to provoke a coup in Venezuela are clear fact that those rumours are something.

Additional information about Chavez speech on FoxNews.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Politics: Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

Ok, I don't want to write down all rumours about each subject I heard every day. But this night of August 17 the rumours about the death of Fidel Castro are strong enough that motivate me to write this post.

Specially in Venezuela and Miami the rumours are everywhere, some sites on Internet are commenting this. EVEN PEREZ HILTON!

I've been checking Cubavision International just in case but nothing yet.

One of the sites commenting the health status of Fidel Castro is
According to Javier Oyarzabal, information from Cuban sources Fidel Castro health status is on "Final Phase" and even, he could be dead. Also, according to those sources, 4 military soldiers has been apprehended for investigate the health status of Fidel Castro.

added on august 19:

Chavez in his today's TV show start saying "Fidel Castro is well alive". So with this, the possibilities that he is lying are stronger, also with the fact that Fidel is already dead. Exactly when he said "Vladimiro Montesinos is not in Venezuela", turn was he indeed was in Venezuela.

Other Rumours in Venezuela:

Regarding Venezuela, since last night there are rumours about some strange movements in some military bases, apparently yesterday August 16, there was a sort of subversion on Military base Nº51 in Paraiso area in Caracas, among with another one in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui State. Another report says there was some tanks moving on Tazón area, outside Caracas. Nothing confirmed yet.

added on August 18:

There are reports about some tanks seen in Valencia in Carabobo State. All rumours about this are pointing on some kind of uneasiness among National Guard members because the announce of Chavez to change the structure of the Army Forces in Venezuela, the change of National Guard title for Territorial Bolivarian Guard, and the creation of Militias. Apparently there are 20 soldiers apprehended, but I don't have confirmation on any of this. It's supposed that in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui State, Military Airbase is closed to any member of military forces and workers, only Cuban and Russian military soldiers get access, and they are preparing Sukhoi airplanes.

Chavez explaining the new political territorial division to Military Commanders

A little bit of humour

Here they are, Venezuela political leaders thanks to simpsonizeme.com.

On the Left, Chavez and his pals, on the right opposition leaders and journalists. (the position of the pictures are just aleatory).

Picture courtesy of newspaper Version Final

Venezuela: More and more and more protests

Early this day some residents from Caracas block the Km 0 of the Panamericana Highway, to protest against the high increase of the insecurity (robbery and assassinations) in Venezuela. The protests also reach Los Teques city, few kilometers at south of Caracas east side.

In other part of Venezuela, in the city of Valencia, Carabobo State, patients from a public hospital (Ciudad Hospitalaría Enrique Tejera) are chained at the main doors of the hospital to protest for the sacked of an important Doctor, Dra. Heidi Mago, apparently for political reasons.

This Doctor has denounced for some time ago, a contamination on the Hospital, involving a bacteria, that has been causing death inside the Hospital's Patients. Because of those denounces, the Government just fired her.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Venezuela: Former Coupist Friend of Chavez Willing to Head and Armed Fight against Him

Cl. (retired) Yoel Acosta Chirinos, a former friend of Chavez who help him on February 4th 1992 coup d'état expressed yesterday August 15, on a TV show strong critics against Chavez regime and the new constitution reform.

This video is from a TV show called "Mar de Fondo" from Anzoategui State TV Channel Orbita Tv.

The video starts with a question made by the host reporter:

Host: "But you are saying you are willing to do everything that would be necessary to stop this constitutional reform?"

Cl. Acosta Chirinos: "Yes, of course"

Host: "But you are willing to seize the weapons again to stop this reform"

Cl. Acosta Chirinos: "if it's necessary to do that, if it's necessary to do that, I will do it".

I don't know If this former closed friend of Chavez are saying the true, or this is just another "Red Cape" made by Chavez Regime.

Cl. Yoel Acosta Chirinos was a Governor of Falcón State, support by Chavez himself. Also Cl. Acosta Chirinos was a founder of MBR-200 a sort of political movement which Chavez made the coup against President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992, and some years later changed it to political party named Fifth Republic Movement (MVR), that now Chavez dissolved to create the extremist socialist group PSUV (Socialist United Party from Venezuela).

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez Announce the creation of MILITIAS

August 15, 7:15pm

Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez is addressing right now to National Assembly regarding the new constitution he wants to Venezuela.

I will be posted the most interesting issues of the speech. At the moment is just the salutations.

  • 7:30pm "This is the most advanced constitution in the entire Universal World"
  • 7:40pm "No one could be available to change this constitution..."
  • 7:42pm "Today we will re-open the debate of 1999..."
  • 7:45pm 1st deviation on speech, now comment on Simón Bolivar biography.
  • 7:48pm Deviation on the deviation, commenting about Bonaparte.
  • 7:53pm Start rising his voice, another deviation, talking about Francisco de Miranda
  • 7:59pm 3rd deviation, more about and Bolivar and Conservatives.
  • 8:01pm Now talking as he was Boliver himself.
  • 8:02pm "I don't think, in any country on this World, there is a Democracy like ours, no way"
  • 8:03pm 4th deviation on speech, talking the history of his regime, including April 11, 2002
  • 8:05pm Finally he said he is going to enter to the subject.
  • 8:10pm 5th deviation, talking about the changes in 1999.

  • 8:12pm 6th deviation, speaking about Bolivia.
  • 8:18pm Start naming the articles to be changed, article 11 about Venezuela Geographical Space.
  • 8:24pm "We are delimited at the front with the Antilles, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and still yet, unfortunately, USA"
  • 8:26pm speaking about the Caribbean Sea delimitation, almost stepping the ABC's (Aruba, Curazao y Bonaire".
  • 8:27pm "The President could established, SPECIAL MILITARY TERRITORIES FOR THE DEFENSE"
  • 8:29pm "We could create Artificial Islands in our sea territory"
  • 8:30pm Article 16. Apparently the big deal.
  • 8:34pm 7th deviation.
  • 8:35pm "I propose..."
  • 8:36pm 8th deviation, speaking about Granchi and the "Superstructure"
  • 8:41pm Change in the article "marine zones", the Great Mayor status in Caracas will be eliminate. Some changes on the status of the island in the Caribbean Sea of Venezuela.
  • 8:45pm "Insular Districts" will be created among with "Federal Municipalities"
  • 8:51pm Another deviation, rising voice against opposition mayors, governors.
  • 8:52pm Back to Bolivar biography.
  • 8:53pm " the political revolutionary unity will be the city" ???
  • 8:55pm "Al the people's settlement will be cities", so villages, towns, barrios, will be cities. The term "Communes" will be created.
  • 8:57pm "the communes will be the cells of the community..."
  • 9:00pm "It would be like COFEDERATIONS..."
  • 9:01pm "the President could be available to creat Functional Districts, Federal Municipality and Federal Cities"... ... eh, like in the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China.
  • 9:12pm President has just said to bad words, non permit by the law.
  • 9:21pm Some states could be reunite on a Federal Zone, and this zone would be controlled by a Vice-President designed by Chavez.
  • 9:23pm "Metropolitan term is Colonialism"
  • 9:27pm 2 articles, 2 hours.....
  • 9:29pm "At some point I think to change the capital city... ....but Caracas is Caracas"
  • 9:31pm Changes on Caracas Status. Now it would be "Guaraira Repano"(1)
  • 9:34pm Article 70 Now with the World Socialism spread all over the constitution. Added "People's Powers Counils", "Companies of Socialist Property".
  • 9:37pm "People voted for candidate Chavez when he talk about Socialism", lie, he never talk about socialism back in 1998, just the last year.
  • 9:39pm Another deviation about the Bourgeoisie.
  • 9:42pm Another deviation, naming Montesquieu
  • 9:43pm "That never exist, neven in the Yugoslav socialism", about some new term "Cooperative of Commune Property.
  • 9:47pm Now making jokes with the Ministries, "It is like a Guerilla Column".
  • 9:49pm Article 50 "working hours will be no more than 6 daily and 32 weekly, they won't be work for extra hours".
  • 9:55pm Article 100. but first another deviation "We, in Latin America, are one Nation"
  • 9:58pm. Change about indigenous tribes, cultural workers. Another populism rule to try to keep some support.
  • 10:00pm Article 112. Economics. "Independent Economics founding in the COMMUNES interest, rather that individuals...", so this would be a formal way to say COMMUNISM. Mix properties, properties that would be owned both by the private sector and the government. So, what the hell is this.... My house would still mine, but also to the Government.
  • 10:09pm Article 115 "All kind of properties would be recognized and guaranteed". Commune property, People's property, Social property.
  • 10:11pm "PDVSA is a Social property, it is from everyone", so if PDVSA is for everyone, why the opposition couldn't march to PDVSA building in Caracas?.
  • 10:17pm Creation of "Committees of Defense of the Revolution", exactly like Cuba.
  • 10:20pm "Every property could be expropriated and the State will pay, but it can take all the goods immediately".
  • 10:25pm Article 136, structuring the Communism. Creation of Commune Power.
  • 10:29pm Article 141, inclusion of the Bolivarian Missions in the constitution.
  • 10:32pm Article 158 "Participation of the people giving them power to form the socialist democracy".
  • 10:37pm More crazy talk.
  • 10:39pm Building, construction would take charge directly by the people through the commune power, not hiring experts from other countries.
  • 10:41pm "Socialist Moral" ???????????????????????????
  • 10:42pm Article 184, creation of Commune Councils that will control the communities. Social, Social, Social. Creation of local judges in the communities so they will ruled themselves.
  • 10:50pm Back to territorial division subject.
  • 10:52pm Article 230, the presidential term is 7 years and could be re-elected indefinitely.
  • 10:52pm All deputies applauding.
  • 10:56pm Naming other changes in other articles but not speaking about them.
  • 10:57pm Article 300, Socialist Economy, no more Market Economy.
  • 10:58pm About oil industry and others, exploration and mining, all to take control by the government. All liquid, solid, and gas hydrocarbons.
  • 11:00pm Again, comparing with Bolivar
  • 11:05pm Another deviation, He still continue giving money to foreign countries.
  • 11:07pm "They will never get back to govern this country again".
  • 11:10pm Large estate forbidden, All estates not used will be expropiated.
  • 11:11pm Central Bank of Venezuela will be under control of Chavez regime.
  • 11:21pm The President will manage the International Reserves.
  • 11:28pm Article 328. Changes on Army Forces. "Bolivarian Army Forces is ..... what a surprise, deviation on the speech.
I start getting asleep

  • 11:33pm Explaining how to drive a tank
  • 11:35pm "The Bolivarian Army Forces would be Patriotic, Popular and Antiimperialist"
  • 11:38pm Explaining war tactics.
  • 11:41pm "Bolivarian Army Forces will support the RESISTANCE POPULIST WAR"
  • 11:46pm Unbelievable, this guy is completely insane.
  • 11:48pm Article 329. Division of the Army Forces on 5 components, Bolivarian Aviation, Bolivarian Naval, Bolivarian Justice, Bolivarian Territorial Division, and other bullshit.
  • 11:52pm The reserves will be changed to POPULAR BOLIVARIAN MILITIAS
  • 11:55pm National Guard would be changed to Territorial Guard and will has absolute power. Also they will support and train the new Venezuelan Terrorist Group Called POPULAR BOLIVARIAN MILITIAS.
  • 12:00am Conclusion of the speech. Starting the most Savage, Outrageous Totalitarian Regime Venezuela has ever had.
(1) Guaraira Repano is the name that Indigenous used to call Avila Mountain.

Picture courtesy of Presidential Press, Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI)

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Chavez Supporters to confront Opposition Rally in Caracas

The shadow of April 11 took Caracas today as some Chavez supporters has been taking the surrounding area of Petroleos de Venezuela building while a big opposition rally is on development now with the Petroleos de Venezuela building as ending point, just where those Chavez supporters are.

The opposition rally has all the permission, while the Pro-Chavez is just a sudden gathering, but it is probably sure some leaders of Chavez regime called this reunion to confront the rally of the opposition, just like the April 11, 2002 rally.

The opposition political party COPEI called this rally to protest against the corruption on the mayor Venezuela Oil Company and ask for the resign of the current President, Ministry of People's Power for Energy, Rafael Ramirez for the Suit-Gate case.

Chavez supporters have said that they won't permit the pass of the rally into the building area. They are shouting "No Pasarán" ("They won't pass through")

The rally will start on a couple of minutes (12:18pm) and they will walk for 6 blocks from Chacaito to PDVSA building in La Campiña.

The Energy Ministry is right now at the pro-chavez gathering saying the same speech Chavez Regime say

This are going on the same way of the protests of April 11, 2002.

Early this day, police force (DISIP) found 2 black suitcases abandoned near the PDVSA building. According to this under Chavez control police forces, the suitcases have some wired system.

What a coincidence Caracas subway system is closed for a supposed Power System Failure?

Also today, at 6:00pm Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez will present at the National Assembly the new constitution he want for Venezuela, a constitution with the same structure of Cuba and the extinct Soviet Union.


  • Ministry Ramirez is calling his followers to go to the National Assembly
  • Ministry Ramirez just said "We are here on combat attitude".
  • Pictures of the opposition rally (called "Maletinazo") they are marching with suitcases:
added at 1:55pm:
  • Opposition party COPEI has decided to stay in Plaza Brion on Chacaito and not go with the rally until PDVSA building to avoid confrontation with Chavez supporters. This is the same tactic Chavez regime has implementing over recent years to stop opposition protests.
This is a clear fact that Venezuela is not for everyone, it is just for Chavez and his gangs

Pictures courtesy of Ovario

Power Supply Failure on Caracas Subway System

The Caracas subway system Metro de Caracas woke up closed today because a power failure on the system. Authorities from the company CAMETRO, that manage the subway system said the power supply will be back on the next hours.

The Caracas subway system is under control of the Chavez regime.

Few weeks ago, Caracas subway system was on the headline news because a collision between 2 trains, the first one in the history of this system. A couple of years ago the maintenance manager was fired, he alleged it was because he doesn't support Chavez views.

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Kids from Portugal Kidnapped in Venezuela

Two kids from Portugal (but residing on Spain) and his uncle and a cousin were kidnapped on Tachira State, near the border to Colombia. Authorities from Colombia think they have been captured by the terrorist group ELN, so as many people is kidnapped each day on western Venezuela.

The kids has 10 and 12 years old, they were travel with their uncle, David Barreto, from 35 years old, and his son of 10 years old. The kidnapped took place Sunday afternoon.

The car owned by Mr. Barreto was found parked on a road near the border with Colombia.

More information (Spanish) in El Mundo Online Edition

"Content reserved. You are granted to copy and publish the content of this article in part or its totality without modifying its structure and/or content and quoting the author"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Politics: The Suit-Gate

Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, the guy who was carrying USD $790.550 non-declared in Argentina at the same time Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez was visiting that country is vanished in United States, while business partners and friends avoid the press.

According to Leonardo Mindez from an Argentinean newspapers (El Clarín), this person who has been living in Key Biscayne, Florida reported to the Department of the State of Florida a change in the directory of one of his companies, Foxdelta Investments and now he appeared as Vice-President, and President, Franklin Durán, his partner on Gumball 3000.

At Durán's big house on Key Biscayne was parked the Ferrari 360 Spider F1 showed at the 2006 Gumball rally, an illegal rally that took place on Europe and each competitor must to pay USD$ 56.000 to participate.

The reporter receive a respond from the voice speaker at the front door, when the reporter ask for Mr. Durán, the voice said "he is not... he doesn't live here". Then a kid who takes care on Mr. Durán's cars said, "I told you he doesn't live here, this is the resident of a Russian name Skrim."

Then, 2 hours later a maidservant came in and said "How you know Mr- Durán lives here, family Hernández lives here...".

Another hour later and finally, Mr. Durán showed up, among with his brother and son. They took a Chevrolet Impala car and leave the place, but first, Mr Durán said "Antonini lives at Ocean Club".

In that place anybody respond at the apartment 301, property of Antonini, the phone number now come up with a fax signal, and in the phone number of one of his business partners, the voice machine was change to "No, I'm not Abad, I have his cellphone for the weekend, I know nothing".

This is happening ate the same time, one Venezuelan journalist, Leocenis García has denounced that the $800.00 are property of Rafaél Ramirez, another journalist who was mysteriously detained by Venezuelan authorities on a restaurant in Caracas, after catching a video recording who Ramirez could be seen with other persons making some strange business, apparently for some information regarding Hugo Chavez regime. It is important to say that all of these journalist have persons working as "sources of investigation" to get some information they after make public on newspapers.

This story is getting very weird each time. If you check a previous article on this blog about this story, you could see a comment post by some person saying that the destiny of that money was the terrorist group FARC in Colombia as a part of some negotiation Chavez has been doing to release Ingrid Betancourt, a former Colombian presidential candidate who is being captive by this group. Another journalist from Venezuela, Patricia Poleo and according to her sources, said some weeks ago that Ingrid Betancourt is in Venezuela and Chavez is planning her release.

Definitely, this story are getting as weird as the J.J. Abrams untitled movie project. In Venezuela and Argentina people start naming this story as the "SUIT-GATE" (Maletín-Gate in Spanish).


The plane with the money apparently took off from ramp number 4 at Simon Bolivar International Airport, Maiquetia, Venezuela (the same ramp where people from the airport has been denouncing arriving of flights from Teheran and Cuba carried with people without ID's and mysterious wooden boxes, and it also the PRESIDENTIAL RAMP) with the complicity of the manager of the Airport's customs officer
Marianela Martínez Yegres.

Guido Antonini Wilson is also President of
Intertel Telecom and Tech Milk Inc, both companies founded in USA, and VP of the oil company Venoco in Venezuela.

added August 14:
Argentinean Prosecutor Luz Rivas Diez
has just issuing an International Detention Order against Guido Antonini Wilson.

In the picture below you can see Mr. Antonini (in the middle) with a Venezuela Governor (Johnny Yanez Rangel, Governos of Cojedes State) at the left.

The man behind the suit-gate scandal was 2 times on Uruguay this year, on a Hotel reserved and paid by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA).
Source: AmbitoWeb

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Venezuela: Public Drivers on a Sudden Strike

Capital of Venezuela awoke with the public drivers from the municipality of Sucre (at the very east of the City) on a sudden strike. They have blocked the traffic on a road distributor (Distribudor Metropolitano) at the zone known as Terrazas del Avila and Petare Redoma.

They decided to do this protest for the assassination of 2 co-workers last Friday. They also say to be victims of about 25 daily holdups. They are asking the presence of authorities from Miranda State Government and the Ministry of People's Power of Interior and Justice to take action against those problems.

The protest is guarded by military forces and few police officers.

Protesters also are saying the insecurity problems had started as result of a high increment of armed gangs on the zone.

That's quite not ok as the Mayor of Caracas ruled about the law enforcement officer presence on the street saying at every protest the first group to came and take action would be the municipality police, next the Metropolitan Police, and next, it thing get out of control the army forces, but this looks like the Government sent the army forces first.

The protest are reported by a local radio (Union Radio) and Globovision

Last Wednesday public drivers (including taxi drivers) from Margarita Island make a strike by stopping all their activities for that day.

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Wanted for Fraude/Money Laundering


Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson

Venezuelan & US (Nationalized) Citizen
US Resident
Properties in Florida
Residency address: Ocean Club, Apartment 301 Key Biscayne, FL.
Wanted for Money Laundering in Argentina
This person was stopped at Argentinean Airport hiding USD$800.000 non-declared on August 4th on a plane traveling from Caracas to Buenos Aires
High Connections with Venezuela Chavez Regime and PDVSA
Vice-President Advisor of VENOCO
Vice-President of Foxdelta Investments
Has many other Companies, including and Arms Dealing Company in Venezuela
Gumball 3000 (2006 participant)

After had been stopped in Argentina he took a plane to Montevideo, Uruguay, then to Miami.

He carries a badge from Venezuela Intelligence Agency DISIP

If you see this guy call your local authorities immediately. An Argentinean prosecutor has issued an





Saturday, August 11, 2007

Strong Storm Passed Over Caracas

Some persons that reside in the capital of Venezuela are reporting since evening heavy rains, accompanied by high winds in several places of Caracas.

Montalban, El Cafetal, Los Palos Grandes, Bello Monte, Las Acacias, La Castellana, Los Ruices, La Trinidad are some of the zones of Caracas still having heavy rains.

Apparently there are a power line post fallen on the Panamericana Freeway and the traffic in the zone Altos Mirandinos are blocked. Firefighters are already in the zone.

In the link below you could check the actual weather status on Venezuela:


Courtesy of escualidoxreload from YouTube


Courtesy also from escualidoxreload

Venezuela: 550 tourists evacuated after mechanical problem on cable car

Last Thursday an incident occurred in the cable car system of Mérida State in Venezuela, the longest and highest of all cable car systems and registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

A mechanical malfunction was reported between the stations La Aguada and Loma Redonda the was a motive for operators to start an immediate evacuation of 550 tourists, Thursday afternoon.

The problem started on a link from the device that was moving a car with 40 persons on it. Another group of 40 persons from another car was kept hold at the same point. The malfunction was detected at right time by the operators.

The 80 tourist was kept hold from about 6 hours until 7 o'clock inside the cars while the malfunction was repaired. The rest of the persons visiting this mayor tourist attraction was took out using the load car.

Some persons reported some of the tourist turned into panic and shock about this incident. after that, the normality return to this attraction.

The Mérida Cable Car System, among with Avila Mountain Cable Car System in Caracas was taken under control by Hugo Chavez regime with no previous notice and broken the law as, the company managing the Avila cable car system has a concession with 20 years remaining. The Avila cable car system was closed after the government tool control of it.

About the Mérida cable car incident, some expert reported that it could be possible the managers didn't complete the maintenance labours.

The Mérida cable car system has about 12.5 km (7.76 miles).

The official site of the Mérida Cable Car System.

Additional information about the incident on Venezolanos en Linea (Spanish)

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hugo Chavez Could Have Serious Back Problem

According to the columnist Miguel Salazar from Venezuelan weekly publication "Las Verdades de Miguel" Chavez has a serious back problem and he refuse to go under surgery.

Apparently Lt. Cl. Hugo Chavez (as I refuse to call him President, based on article 350 of Venezuelan Constitution) has a terrible disease that could be controlled only if he went under surgery. At the moment he receive strong pain reliever and this could explain his bad humour. Also he doesn't want to go under surgery because the whole officialism movement (Chavismo) is under a crisis, and an example of this are the frequently fights between the MVR (now PSUV) party members and PODEMOS members. Also there are strong struggles between the Governor of Anzoategui State, a former Assembly Deputy an a strong Chavez supporter, Tarek William Saab, and some mayors of that state.

At the end, if he decide to go under surgery, it would be take a total control over a Hospital at least for one month.

Chavez could had been suffering from these disease for a long time ago, and this has been affecting his mood, and consequently his political decisions. The disease could involve a severe injured on the cervical, that needs a surgery procedure and at least 30 days of rest.

There are worry among the very closer ones to the President for each day passing through. The treatment has becoming more painful, and he needs more analgesic doses to relieve the pain.
Now the problem is that he doesn't want to go outside Venezuela for the surgery and he is not sure about how could his body respond to that surgery. Also, according to this journalist the thing that keep Chavez picky is the division on his team. Apparently there are 5 groups; one group are next to the current Miranda State Governor and former Vice-President Diosdado Cabello (some lady that used to work with him said "if you think Chavez is mean you don't know Diosdado Cabello!"); another group are next to the current Ministry of People's Power for Interior and Justice Affair, Pedro Carreño; another group that came from the leadership of the National Assembly and support the former National Assembly President, Nicolas Maduro (current Foreign Affairs Ministry) and the current president of the National Assembly, Cilia Flores (Maduro's wife); a fourth group is with the Ministry of Peoples' Power for Planning and Development, Jorge Giordani (one of the few ministries that keeps working with Chavez since the early stages of Chavez Administration) and a fifth group are with the bullies Assembly Deputies, Iris Varela and Luis Tascon.

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