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Friday, July 27, 2007

Venezuela: Proofs last Presidential Elections was a fraud

The Licentiate Ana Díaz from the Venezuelan weekly publication Siete Dias Venezuela in Miami has just exposed some proofs that confirmed last Presidential elections that took place in Venezuela last December 3rd was a fraud and she has exposed some evidence that the Venezuela National Electoral Council (CNE) is integrated by persons attached to the Chavez Regime.

This is the full article translated to English:

Hugo Chavez is not the President of Venezuela and here is the proofs

Before the electoral process in Venezuela, that took place in December 3rd, 2006 many were the denounces that had been made in relation to the Electoral Registry, such as:

  • The increment of one million three hundred thirty nine thousand one hundred and twenty three (1.339.123) voters between January 2006 and and the amount registered in the infrastructure of the National Electoral Council to be used in the day of the elections.
  • Persons with the same full name, same date of birth with 2 or more National Id's(1) with different serial numbers.
  • What thing that is unexplainable is the fact that a third of the municipalities(2) of the country existed more voters than residents.
  • The amount of one million two hundred and seventy thousand nine hundred and forty (1.270.940) of registries changed.
  • Persons with more than 100 years old properly registered for vote.
  • The change of the birth date of more than eighteen thousand nine hundred and eighty one (18.981) voters that have supposed been born on March 15, 1974.
However, in spite of the efforts of many personalities: electoral experts, political, social, civil and even military organizations, that claim for a clean and trusted Electoral Registry. That was simple impossible due to the partiality, submission and subordination of the authorities of the Electoral National Council to the current President - candidate Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías. Now then, in the website www.llegoelmomento.com under my own responsibility I, Ana Mercedez Díaz, Venezuelan, with national ID number 5.564.445 former General Director of Political Parties and who used to work in the National Electoral Council for 25 years, make public the infrastructure of the National Electoral Council made in November 8th of 2006 at 10:50am which has the data base used in the electoral process of December 3rd of 2006 which it is evidenced in a certain way with an instrument sourced from the CNE al the denounces made is totally true. This data base (made and used by the same National Electoral Council) works to run and do "query" of information that reveals:

  • Municipalities with more voters than residents.
  • Changes in the Electoral Registry made in fraudulent way.
  • The presence of persons with the same full name, birth date and more than one National ID, among other cases.
The most important thing is that you would be able to determine the foreign citizens (terrorist or not) that were gift with a Venezuelan ID and be able to vote and enter to other countries using a Venezuelan Identity. How come? There is a common relation between the date of birth, the age and the ID number, I.E. those persons born in the 60's have an average of ID number starting in 5 million, that could detect exceptions. This correlation is applied until year 2000 when the process of granting Id's inspection was eliminated and the Mision Identidad was introduced. I the same website you will find all the denounces and proofs related to the acquisition of 5.040 voting machines that were not audited, being able to manipulate more than three million six hundred thousand votes. After you access to all the proofs, we could conclude that everyone that tell about going to another electoral process under these premises has the interest of legitimate Hugo Chavez in the power.
And just below to this article you could download the Electoral Registry the CNE used in the last electoral process of Venezuela when the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales set a monetary arrangement to accept the results. Also you could see a Spanish letter that this attorney sent to Tibisay Lucena, the current President of the CNE.

(1) The "Cédula de Identidad" is the Venezuela national ID
(2) A municipality is a territorial division of the States in Venezuela

By the way, Tibisay Lucena didn't vote on last years elections until she was designed as President of the CNE and the "Electoral Power", but apparently she didn't sign out the petition of a referendum against neither the opposition parliamentarians nor the President back in 2005. (In Venezuela there are 5 Powers: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Moral and Electoral).

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