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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Venezuela: Political Party Retires Support to Hugo Chavez

Yesterday, the political party PODEMOS (the second in importance between the Government's officialism supporters) announces the retirement of their support to the Government of Hugo Chavez.

In words of the assembler deputy, Ismael García, also a member of this political party:

I don't think PODEMOS is in the majority of the National Assembly, but the most important thing is that majority is no longer useful neither to the Country, nor Chavez, and anybody else. I wish the students that support Chavez and those ones that oppose him have fixed stands in the National Assembly to see if in this way interest debates will come up. I warn in private to Cilia Flores(1) that stop talking in behalf of all the deputies every time she declares, because that will make me to do public pressures. In my opinion, a national reconciliation is a must, because behind the irrational confrontation what is hidden is the mediocrity and incapacity.

Deputy García express this yesterday in a meeting of the Civil Association Asociación Civil Radar de los Barrios an association that look after the citizens living in poor conditions in the ghettos of Caracas and other cities of Venezuela.

This declaration coincides with another declaration of Sucre State's Governor Ramon Martínez, (and also the President of PODEMOS) also with strong critics to latest Hugo Chavez politics. So there you have, each day more and more people are retiring their support to Chavez Regime.

(1) Cilia Flores is the current President of the National Assembly.

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