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Friday, July 20, 2007

Venezuela: Indigenous Tribes Raised Voices Against Chavez

Indigenous from the tribe Wayuu say the "so called Bolivarian Revolution" keeps a genocide politics. Members from the tribe Wayuu from Venezuela attend the Second Meeting of EZLN with people from the World, in Mexico, with a message of brotherhood and a strongly critics to the Chavez Regime. They say Chavez still continuous with the "Neo-liberal Politics" in Indigenous lands with a "double speech, that in deep is a lack of respect to the communities, a manipulation, and, in the end, a genocide".

"We all here are humans, brothers, sisters, grandparents, in the defense of what we are" said Cachirí Maikiralasa'lii from the Organization Wayuu del Socuy. "Since the Zapatist uprising in January 1st, 1994 and the next development of fights for the autonomy of the rebel communities in Chiapas, not only represents for Indigenous Communities the consequence presence of the rebel spirit and the resistance of our people, but after all, the insurgence in the board of politics fight in the Continent for the ones more desperate, for been considered nonexistent, away from a far past, the already death, insignificant for been minority, prehistoric and many other pejorative appellatives which since the Colony to Neo-Colony times they are taking us away from our own history".

The Wayuu's attend the 6th "Declaration of Lacandona Jungle" and "The Other Campaign" "because, in spite of in our country the forces that now occupy the Government in Venezuela call themselves Socialist, Revolutionaries, and also Anti-imperialists, the fight for survive in our communities and cultures is our biggest urgency. For above anti-Bush and supposedly anti-neoliberal speeches from Hugo Chavez, is fact that the Economic development plans from the so called Bolivarian Revolution represent the setting of projects and programs with Transnationals of Globalization, of their financial entities (
IMF and World Bank) and the Unites States' State in our country. The Wayuu, Añu and Bari tribes pointed out: "are the Estate-Government's representatives which has been making a pact with the Imperialist Transnationals the deliver of the Indigenous lands from all the country for the exploitation of mineral, Carboniferous , gas and oil resources, against the will & decision of the Indigenous Communities in Venezuela".

Chavez Supporters and press under his control express the Wayuu are "contra-revolutionaries" and they accuse them of "making rightist games". Last May 1st. President Chavez made a compromise for not do works for oil and carb inside the Indigenous territories if this affect those peoples. "It didn't happen so many days when the State Company Corpozulia and the Transnationals started and aggressive campaign for the continuity of the exploration activities". Plus, "with the support of the main State industry (Petroleos de Venezuela) and the National Army Forces(1) they have given the action to divide the Indigenous Communities with populist and assistance programs".

(1)The National Army Forces is now called "The Bolivarian Army Forces".

This article is based from an article written in Spanish in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Online edition.

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