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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Venezuela: Former Ministry of Defense Strongly Criticized Chavez Regime

Gnral. Raul Isaias Baduel, that until yesterday was the Ministry of People's Power for Defense expressed strongly critics to Chavez administration during the act of transfer of military control. He compare latest Chavez politics with former Soviet Union and warns: "We can't let our system be transform to a Capitalism of State, where the State is the only owner of the mass media production".

He also said:

The Communist War teach us that it can't be established an abrupt change on the economic system, I mean the abolition of private property rights and the brutal socialization of mass media production without produce negative consequences on the production of goods and services and without produce a massive dissatisfaction on citizens... ... We can't forget something that for but evident that is, many times we obviate: before start spreading wealth, we need to produce it. We can't spread something that doesn't exist. This formula has not been invented yet.

The model of Socialism we develop, must to be that one that shows us the way to produce wealth first, and next an equal distribution of that wealth... ...Our socialist model must to be that one that shows rights to the people, not duties... ...Our model must to be deeply democratic with counterbalances and division of power.

Source: Globovision (Tranlation by myself).

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