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Friday, July 13, 2007

Politics: More Videos from Venezuela

I've gathered more videos that not need words. They show the brutalilty of this twist of Hugo Chavez regime to totalitarian dictatorship that Venezuelans start to compare with Miloseviç in Serbia, Caeuçescu in Rumania, and even Hitler.

Those Police officers belong to "Policia Metropolitana" under control of the Great Mayor of Caracas, Juan Barreto, one of Chavez unconditionals. Some people in Caracas say they are not Venezuelan but Cuban (in Spanish, Cuban accent is very strong and easy to identify). It's very clear they are using fireguns. After shooting students, they start shooting to resident buildings (The people that leaves here starts throwing flower pots and milk bottles to defend students), also we could hear the people beating their kitchen pans.

Next is another video with police officers of the same "Policia Metropolitana" in Chacaito, Caracas. The persons that shot this video are in Europa Tower and they said the Police get inside the building (They speak and tell all along the video).

In the next video, the protest goes all day until night. In the night the police force showes up and start shooting with fireguns and tear gas (but there are several reports that Chavez regime are using mustard gas)

The next video shows military forces getting inside a University in Zulia State. The video was taken by the University TV station.

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