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Friday, July 13, 2007

Politics: Hugo Chavez Regime Unmasked

Hugo Chavez regime has been unmasked by Chavez himself. After the TV Station RCTV was shutdown for be and opposition-aligned TV Station, Several persons around Venezuela take the streets to protest against the cut of freedom of expression and all other forms of freedoms in Venezuela. On Chacao Municipality in Venezuela's capital city Caracas, a group of persons take an important avenue on May 28, 2007 and protest against this and other totalitarian actions of Hugo Chavez regime. But a group of guys from the Ministry of Habitat open fire to protesters (students) with big guns (.44 and also a M4 rifle). The following video was shot by one of the students on the protest (using a digital video camera with zoom in) located at safe place. The video was presented later on a TV Station, Globovision (a UHF/Cable TV station, the only one not censured by the government).

Part I

Part II

At some point we could see some police officers that came to the zone, but doing nothing. There are speculations about the arriving of this kind of guns in Venezuela (BTW, gun handling is forbidden by law in Venezuela) . Some people say it came from Cuba and Iran, with a bunch of persons involved in some kinds of terrorism, including the Cuban G-2, Colombia Guerrillas, and even Islamic extremist groups. On Internet some people that claim to be workers on the International Airport "Simon Bolivar" say they's sought people from Cuba and Iran entering from ramp number 4 of the Airport with no passport, visas or other kind of ID's and also with mistery wooden boxes. In 2003, a Fidel Castro's Spy (Uberto Mario) deserted and today is in Miami, US and he has been going to TV and Radio Interviews to tell all the dark side of Cuba regime and its actions on Venezuela. You can watch one of these interview here: Part I | Part II

(Unfortunately is in Spanish and I couldn't found an English translation).

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