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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't trust on VHeadline.com

I've been checking this site: Vheadline Venezuela, "News & Views about Venezuela" and their really news they have from Venezuela is ZERO. In fact I could say they are support financially by Hugo Chavez Regime as we know Hugo Chavez has persons operating inside the United States, mostly doing attacks over Internet. They formerly be known as Circulos Bolivarianos, and they established groups around 7 years ago in cities like New York, Chicago and Miami.
Critics of the Chavez regime have always claimed that the Bolivarian circles were inspired by the Cuban "Committees for the Defense of the Revolution" (CDR).

The persons behind Vheadline Venezuela say "VHeadline.com remains 100% independent of all political factions in Venezuela" but the true is very far behind.

If you check the site you immediately came with this name "Carlos M. Pietri". If you check the Hugo Chavez Supporters from Aporrea.org, a well-known site that offers opinion in favor of Chavez Regime and against the opposition (so far that they delete and block any forum posts expressing opinions against Chavez, also they used to express violent and hate calls) you could read a writing from this guy expressing congrats to this site. Just in the link from above, you could read in spanish:

Los felicito por su pagina y periódico digital, el cual cada día cuenta con mas popularidad entre los venezolanos, mantengan la objetividad, tal como lo exige la profesión de periodista; porque el medio está lleno de mediocres vendidos y comprometidos con los intereses de los poderosos, en los cuales ya nadie cree.


Carlos M. Pietri

This guy expresses congratulations to the site for their 4th year, he says the site have a lot of supporters ( truly NOT) and say the media is full of mediocre people.

This kinda look guys are what in Venezuela we called "TARIFADOS" (Tariffed). This kind of guys receive money from Chavez Regime to say this and spread a politic opinion in favor of Dictator Hugo Chavez (following Goebbels principles). Not all of them are on this way, many of them are truly Chavez supporters that still believed President Chavez are on the good path. (Hope Mr. Pietri and the rest of the persons behind VHeadline are on this last type of Chavez supporters).

Also they say they are completely established in USA. How they will get real news from Venezuela, without be in Venezuela. I'm in Venezuela and I can tell you guys what is happening here and what is happening here is a Marxist-Leninist savage dictatorship regime that chase opposition, even committing assassination. (Hope the directory of VHeadline.com find persons inside Venezuela that express REAL news and persons who are REALLY independent).

Also Chavez regime are on way to re-take the spreading of Guerrillas warfare all over the Americas, but this time there is a twist, because this time, terrorist Islamic groups are apparently involved in this guerrillas warfare. In Venezuela is well-commented the "good" relationship between Chavez and Hezbollah, Cuban G2 (with a major presence in Venezuela), and there is also accusations of supporting Al-Qaeda. Actually there is an Organization of Venezuelan Exiles (ORVEX) that claim to have evidence of the presence of Osama Bin-Laden in Margarita Island, Venezuela last April (apparently preparing an attack to Guantamo Base under the name "Plan Caribe", but I couldn't find some kind of information that support this, so at this time is just people speculating on Internet).

So please help me to spread the real news from Venezuela and avoid information that came from VHeadline Group and its Director Roy S. Carson, that are not really independent and real news.

More information about Chavez - Hezbollah relationships here

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cmpietri said...


Please get a CANTV phone book and look out for my name (Pietri, Carlos Miguel) in the city of Puerto Ordaz (Edo. Bolivar) and there you will find out my number & address. In spite of your illness (psychotic Dissociation), please get a geography book, you will be surprised when you see that Venezuela is not only Caracas.

You could also read a news paper and look for the last Seijas public opinion survey where is shown that in VENEZUELA, Chavez has over 70 % of acceptance.

About me being paid by Chavez, I guess your judgment is based on your own behaviour… I do nothing if I don’t get paid… My dear friend that is exactly what we are fighting against… I know that is very hard for you to understand but pitifully, you do not want to receive any help to cure you.

I am a retired person who, right now, is working as the Dean of the Electrical Engineering School in a public University in Puerto Ordaz. A post obtained thru an electoral process.

I hope you get better informed next time.

Carlos M. Pietri

Edoardo Sez said...

"Psychotic Dissociation"

I don't want to enter in a discussion with this guy, but that term (In Spanish "Disociación psicótica") or in a short way "Disociado" (dissociated) is very used to the people that support Chavez to point the opposition and disidency in Venezuela(specially because Chavez himself start using that term)--- Knock yourself out and google it on Google Venezuela). So guys take your own conclusions.

Neither on vheadline.com nor aporrea.org you can post comments criticizing Chavez Regime, they will inmediately delete it.

Edoardo Sez said...


In previous post I write "disidency" when I mean "Dissidence".

Sorry for this mistake.

Edoardo Sez said...

"you do not want to receive any help to cure you".

I voted for Chavez several times, I even support him on April 13, 2002.

Now I'm against him because he betrayed us.

You can't trust on Seijas Survey as you can't trust on Electoral National Council (CNE) because they are under control of Chavez Regime (Don't you think is so strange the former president of CNE on 2005 (during the Referendum) now is the Vice-President of the Republic?)

elsoberanomanda said...

Hi, Eduardo, it's kind of lonely here, isnt't it?
I write on VHeadline, and you can check out that I do live in Caracas; even further, I'm the guy TRYING to get some government funding for VHeadline... because there's none at present.
And, yes, I support Chávez, but VHeadline is INDEPENDENT. Even YOU have the chance to write there.
About extremist & terrorist groups linked to Venezuela, that's another truckload of BS coming from the mind benders; just mentioning them discredits you.
You'll find me on aporrea and on noticierodigital too. We're trying to work on the constructive side because we know that Venezuela belongs to all Venezuelans, even the victims of PD as Carlo called your illness.
There's a cure: read more. Try to dig under the carpet that US corporate media puts over the real news... you know what I mean, and if you don't, read VHeadline.
Get real.
Franco Munini.

Edoardo Sez said...

That's why I clearly said "at this moment is just people speculating on Internet".

I write comments about ORVEX organization because I think this Organization must to be investigate.

I personally don't support this Organization and I am against the annoucements they has been expressing on one of their websites http://www.ruedalo.org